Auracle (De)Buff Monitor


Auracle provides compact & customizable filtering, monitoring and grouping of buffs and debuffs.


Auracle's capabilities are organized roughly into "trackers", "windows" and "styles".

The most important of these is the "tracker", each of which can monitor a list of multiple auras (either buffs or debuffs, but not both at the same time). When any of those (de)buffs are found, the tracker lights up (or changes visually in any number of other interesting and configurable ways).

A "window" is just a collection of trackers that all watch the same unit. On a fresh installation, Auracle provides one window that watches "target", so any trackers in that window will activate according to the (de)buffs on your current target. You can create as many windows as you want, and each one can watch any unit you want (player, pet, focus, etc).

The visual aspects of windows and trackers are controlled by "styles". There is always a "Default" style (one each for windows and trackers), and you can create as many additional styles as you want.

Distribution & Translation

Please note that Auracle is kept current by the author on, and If you get it from any other source, you are not guaranteed to get the latest version.

If you would like to help translate Auracle into other languages, please use the WoWAce Localization tool.

Getting Started

Since every role, class, spec and player will be interested in monitoring different (de)buffs, Auracle does not provide any trackers by default. The first thing you'll want to do, then, is add one.

To do this, open Auracle's configuration window, either with the chat command "/auracle" or from Interface Options->AddOns->Auracle. Select the "windows" tab to see your windows (you'll start with one, "Target") and their trackers (none yet). Select the light blue "(Add Tracker...)" option and click the button to add a new blank tracker to the window.

Click the new tracker, and then open its "Auras" tab. Set the type to "buffs" or "debuffs" according to what you want to monitor, and then type the names of as many auras as you want, one per line. Now, whenever your target has any of these (de)buffs applied, this tracker will light up and show the time remaining.

Configuration Ideas

Auracle is highly configurable; there are a great many ways you can set it up to display information however you want. Some ideas:

  • You could set up two windows that both watch "target" (or "focus", etc), but make one of them only visible when the target is a raid boss, and the other one only visible otherwise. Now you can have one set of trackers for bosses, and a different one for trash.
  • You could set up a window style with no border or background, and a tracker style that hides everything (border, icon, text) when missing. Now you can position a window with this style in the middle of your screen, and add trackers to watch for procs (like Clearcasting, for example). Now whenever that proc goes off, you get a big fat icon in the middle of the screen letting you know about it, but when you use it up, it disappears completely.
  • You could set a tracker's text to display the time remaining, and its spiral to display stacks. Now the spiral will fill up (or drain away) in chunks according to how many stacks are present, while the text shows you the duration: a nice compact way to see two kinds of information on the same icon.
  • You could set up trackers for various raid debuffs which are visible when missing, but disappear completely when present. This becomes your "big brother" raid-leader view; if someone slacks and doesn't put up a debuff, that one pops up for you to holler at them, without having to look through the other 40-odd debuffs which are all correctly applied.


You do not have to donate. Auracle is free, open-source software, and will always be free to use.

However, if you do use and enjoy Auracle, making a donation is a great way to show your appreciation and support future development. I no longer play WoW as a pastime, so the only reason for me to pay the subscription fee is to do addon development; any contribution to cover that cost is greatly appreciated.

If you do choose to donate, you may do so here: Donate!

If you have a PayPal account with an active balance, please consider logging in to your account and using the "send money" feature instead of the Donate button. PayPal deducts a flat fee from all donations, which can be a significant percentage of smaller amounts; if you "send money" instead, no fee will be deducted and your full amount will be donated. To do this, just click "send money" from your account home page, enter "[email protected]" and any amount, and mark it as a "personal gift."



  • SpellID corrections for Mists of Pandaria.


  • SpellID corrections for Cataclysm.


  • Overhauled preset categories to match (de)buff changes in 4.0.1/Cataclysm (big thanks to Malazee and many other folks at, as well as many folks on, and elsewhere for additional research into the new (de)buff categories).
  • Fixed a bug when displaying stacks on the spiral for auras that don't stack.


  • Updated SpellIDs for presets +% Damage (Ferocious Inspiration), +% AP (Abomination's Might and Unleashed Rage), +Melee Crit (Rampage) and +Spell Crit (Elemental Oath); the old SpellIDs were deleted by Blizzard when the respective auras became passive instead of procs. If you have trackers based on any of these presets, you may have to manually re-add the missing auras, or else delete and re-create the tracker from the preset.


  • Added support for weapon buffs / temporary weapon enchants (ticket #12). This only works for the player, and matches on the buff name without rank (i.e. "Rockbiter", not "Rockbiter 1"). Thanks to: "lxs" for submitting an example patch; "Kitjan" for NeedToKnow's weapon buff scanning algorithm; and "ckknight" and "Shefki" for Pitbull4's weapon buff icon guessing algorithm.


  • Removed obsolete SpellID 51880 from Stun tracker preset (Fire Nova Totem replaced by spell in WoW 3.3, talent no longer stuns).
  • Added error handling and logging for invalid SpellIDs in tracker presets.
  • TOC update for WoW 3.3.


  • Performance optimizations (hopefully to fix ticket #19).


  • Added preset (de)buff trackers. These buttons (in each window's "(Add Tracker...)" section) will create trackers pre-configured to track useful groups of (de)buffs.
  • Added support for SpellIDs in tracker (de)buff lists.
  • Added "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to tracker settings windows, to rearrange them without having to unlock+drag.
  • When a font set via LSM disappears (i.e. by deleting the addon that provided it), Auracle will now smoothly reset it to the default (built-in) font rather than throwing errors.
  • The "Auracle Enabled" toggle is now remembered after logging out. This setting (like all others) will affect all characters that share the same Auracle profile, but note that Auracle will still consume some memory (but not CPU cycles) while disabled in this fashion, unless you disable it entirely from your "Addons" button on the character selection screen.
  • Fixed support for LibSharedMedia selection widgets (broken 0.4-beta).


  • No functional changes since beta 0.4, but it's about time to call this a release. Auracle is considered (for the moment anyway) stable and feature-complete, or at least feature-sufficient.

Beta 0.4:

  • overhauled the saved-variables update and validation routines; PLEASE NOTE: although this version should remain backwards-compatible with all previous versions (and you should not lose your setup), it is recommended to make a backup copy of your "WoW/WTF/Account/<account>/SavedVariables/Auracle.lua" file just in case (especially if you have a complicated setup!)
  • fixed a bug in target-of-(target/party/raid) tracking
  • added support for window visibility based on current stance/shapeshift/form (ticket #14)
  • added support for window visibility based on current talent spec (ticket #14)
  • added automatic global per-spec profile switching (via LibDualSpec)
  • added support for localization; if you would like to help translate Auracle, please visit
  • some of the libraries Auracle normally embeds are now optional; if you have installed without embedded libraries (advanced users only!), you may now safely disable AceDBOptions, AceConfig, AceConfigCmd, AceConfigDialog, AceConfigRegistry, LibDataBroker, LibDualSpec and LibSharedMedia (but will of course lose the associated functionality)

Beta 0.3.5:

  • added ConfigMode support (thanks Adirelle)
  • changed to MIT license

Beta 0.3.4:

  • trackers set to activate only for the player's auras ("mine") will now also activate for the player's pet or vehicle
  • added support for 3.1 API changes to UnitAura
  • fixed a bug in saved vars update (ticket #9)

Beta 0.3.3:

  • fixed a saved vars upgrade bug (attempt to index nil "plrInstance")
  • worked around an AceDB bug that caused the first window's visibility while out of combat to always revert to on after reloading the UI

Beta 0.3.2:

  • (hopefully) fixed a bug that caused saved variables to not update correctly from addon version 0.2.3 to 0.3.x
  • fixed a bug that caused changes to window visibility by group and combat status to not take effect immediately
  • window styles may now set scale and opacity, which will be inherited by trackers
  • windows may now set visibility based on instance type (none,battleground,arena,5man,raid)
  • tweaked "Always Update" for maximum stacks to only update on a new application of the aura (not, for example, charges being consumed without re-applying)

Beta 0.3.1:

  • fixed a bug in the saved var upgrade routine that made 0.3.0 inoperable for anyone who previously used 0.2.3
  • fixed a bug with window visibility by unit properties when changing a window's watched unit
  • windows and trackers now always become visible and tinted blue while unlocked

Beta 0.3.0:

  • fixed a bug that caused tracker spirals to flicker whenever any (even unrelated) aura changed on the unit
  • fixed a bug in window visibility by combat status
  • fixed a bug that sometimes caused autoupdating maximum stacks and durations to not show their current value in the configuration window
  • fixed a bug with window visibility by unit properties when changing a window's watched unit
  • added LibSharedMedia support for window borders and backgrounds, and tracker fonts
  • re-added tracker tooltips; if all tooltips are disabled (the default), then the tracker will remain transparent to mouse clicks
  • maximum stacks and duration values are now configurable separately for spirals and text
  • it is now possible to autoupdate maximum stacks and duration only upwards
  • moved tracker aura type, list and filter settings to the "Tracker" tab, and removed the "Aura" tab
  • removed the "white.tga" file from the distribution; tracker borders now use the (identical, built-in) "Interface\Buttons\WHITE8X8" texture instead
  • default window style background tiling is now off by default

Beta 0.2.3:

  • fixed a bug caused by setting both text sizes to 0 and reloading the UI
  • fixed a bug in the behavior of "Reset Profile", it should now leave the initial window and Default styles intact
  • added a LibDataBroker launcher to toggle the addon or open configuration


During its alpha development phase, Auracle was called AuraHUD. It was renamed to avoid confusion, since "HUD" has particular connotations for WoW addons which Auracle does not really reflect, and there was already another (completely unrelated) project called BuffHUD.

The concept for Auracle is based on Smarty by Luxx of Death and Taxes, but has been essentially rewritten from scratch.

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  • Avatar of bursonb bursonb Mar 26, 2010 at 18:53 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks very much for the weapon enchants! They work perfectly for my warlock (spell or fire stones). However, I'm having trouble tracking the Adamantite Sharpening stone for my DK. Am I just doing something dumb?

  • Avatar of Naganalf Naganalf Feb 11, 2010 at 01:29 UTC - 0 likes

    Great, thanks!

  • Avatar of taleden taleden Feb 10, 2010 at 21:08 UTC - 0 likes

    tamzom: I'm not sure I understand what you mean, can you clarify and post your suggestion as a ticket?

    Naganalf: This should already be possible, look under the "Text" tab of the tracker's settings, and change "Display" to "Stacks". You can also set the spiral to show stacks (as a portion of the maximum stacks).

  • Avatar of Naganalf Naganalf Feb 09, 2010 at 00:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there a way to show the number of stacks? I have a tracker configured to show armor debuffs, but when Sunder is up I can't tell how many stacks there are.

    Great addon by the way!! Trackers which work by type and without regard to who cast the spell are exactly what I've been looking for.

  • Avatar of tamzom tamzom Feb 06, 2010 at 09:34 UTC - 0 likes

    suggest: auto monitor debuff /w filter, equip(trinket and icc ring) and enchant proc buff

    Last edited Feb 06, 2010 by tamzom
  • Avatar of taleden taleden Jan 24, 2010 at 16:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Weapon buffs are now supported in v1.2.0.

  • Avatar of taleden taleden Dec 12, 2009 at 00:07 UTC - 0 likes

    bursonb: I replied on Curse as well.

    Unfortunately Auracle does not currently support weapon buffs, because WoW treats them totally differently from unit buffs. This feature has been requested before, however:

  • Avatar of bursonb bursonb Dec 11, 2009 at 19:49 UTC - 0 likes

    I apologize for also posting this on Curse, I didn't find this forum until later.

    I've only been using the add-on for two days, I hope I'm not just having trouble because I'm a n00b. I have begun setting it up by trying to track my self buffs and pet buffs. Although I've successfully configured two windows and nine trackers, I cannot figure out how to track my Warlock's weapons enhancement (Grand Spellstone or Grand Firestone). I have tried every name and every spell id I could find on Wowhead but no joy. The names and IDs I have tried to use follow: "Grand Spellstone," "55194," "Enchant Item Temporary: Grand Spellstone (3620)," this last both with and without the (3620) at the end; and all the comparaable names for the Firestone (id 55158). Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Avatar of Nimaear Nimaear Sep 03, 2009 at 09:34 UTC - 0 likes

    First of all, this addon has been a great help in min-maxing my dps. I use it to check short time procs and here comes the problem: The 2 piece proc from Tier 9.25 for Deathknights has the same buff name as the proc from the runeforge. I have tried filling in spellids for these, but the spellid gets translated to the buffname by auracle and when you have these 2 buffs available at the same time (this is what I check for max disease damage and reapply diseases to keep them rolling with glyph of disease) only one of them will be shown in any of the trackers.

    So my wish is : - I want to be able to create 2 trackers which will show different buffs with the same name (Unholy Strength in this case)

  • Avatar of taleden taleden Aug 28, 2009 at 01:24 UTC - 0 likes

    CosmicCleric: as of 1.1.0 the enabled checkbox should now be remembered between logouts. I still recommend disabling the addon entirely if you won't be using it though, since it will still use some memory if it's been loaded, even if it's disabled in-game; to skip it per-character, just choose the character from the dropdown in the Addons window on the char select screen.


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