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823 - Spec-based loot-table indicator for LFR loot and elder charm rolls

Is there any way you can add an indicator to loot items to make it show which loot table (spec-based lfr loot tables in particular) a certain lfr loot item or elder charm roll drops on.
It would be nice to have a clearer picture, if there's an item that has like.. hit/expertise on it, whether or not the loot system regards this as a tank-spec item or a dps-spec item.

Additionally, if there's a way to segregate the atlasloot interface's loot list by which spec-based loot table the item drops for, and also being able to show this segregation in the loot on the wishlist, that would be most handy. Something as simple as "here's all the stuff on lfr for this boss, or this instance, and here's a handy checkbox that helps you sort it into 2 lists, one for one spec, then a divider, then another list for the next spec, etc,etc.

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RyuseiKitadama Jan 01, 2013 at 18:04 UTC Create

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Jan 01, 2013
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