Ackis Recipe List


Two-Handed Mace

Two-Handed Sword

UI_SCALE_DESC Changes the scale of the UI. Ranges from .5 to 1.5 (1 is default)



Una Kobuna

Unchained Doombringer

Unhandled Recipe

UNIT_MAX_TOOLTIPS_DESC Maximum number of recipes to show in tooltips.

UNIT_TOOLTIPS_DESC Toggles whether or not to display unknown recipes in the tooltips of the vendors, trainers, or mobs which carry them.

UNKNOWN_DESC Include all unknown recipes in the scan.

UnknownTradeSkill You have opened up a trade skill window which is not supported by this add-on.  The trade skill is %s.  Please provide the author of the add-on with this information.



Using Filters

USING_FILTERS_DESC Filters may be toggled on or off.  There are two types of filters: one which will prevent the recipe from showing up at all, and one which will prevent a specific type of acquire information from showing up.
With the first type of filter, these match the proprieties of the recipe (ie: binding).  If you toggle ARL to not show BoP recipes, no recipes that are BoP will show up in the scan.  The second type of filter deals with acquire information.  If a recipe is available as a mob drop, or from a vendor and you toggle to not show vendor recipes, the recipe will still show up but vendor information will be hidden for it.  The reason is that there is still another way to acquire this recipe (mob drop) so it should still be included in the scan.
Please note that the tooltips will always hide the opposite faction methods of acquiring a recipe.  This has been done to save space in the tooltip since they can get quite large.




Vance Undergloom

Vanessa Sellers


Vazario Linkgrease

Vekh'nir Dreadhawk

Velia Moonbow


VENDOR_DESC Recipes purchased from vendors should be included in the scan.

Vendor-Tron 1000

Venture Co. Excavator

Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard


View Exclusion List

VIEW_EXCLUSION_LIST_DESC Prints out a list of all recipes on the exclusion list.

Viggz Shinesparked

Vilebranch Hideskinner

Vir'aani Arcanist

Vira Younghoof


Vizna Bangwrench