Ackis Recipe List


Raging Skeleton

RAID_DESC Recipes obtained in raids (ie: Molten Core, Serpent Shrine Cavern, etc.) should be included in the scan.

Raishen the Needle


Rann Flamespinner


Rathis Tomber



RECIPE_BOA_DESC Recipes that are Bind to Account should be included in the scan.

RecipeBOAFilter Recipe Bind to Account

RECIPE_BOE_DESC Recipes that are Bind on Equip should be included in the scan.

RecipeBOEFilter Recipe Bind on Equip

RECIPE_BOP_DESC Recipes that are Bind on Pickup should be included in the scan.

RecipeBOPFilter Recipe Bind on Pickup

RECIPE_EXCLUDED Recipe is in Exclusion list

Recipes In Tooltips

Recorder Lidio


Rekka the Hammer

REMOVED_FROM_GAME This recipe has been removed from the game, but may still be obtainable if someone still has the recipe item.

Reporting Bugs

REPORTING_BUGS_DESC When reporting a bug, please make sure you do the following:
1) Download the latest version, available from
2) Make sure there is not a bug report filed for your issue already.  You can check these at
3) Disable addons such as Skillet or ATSW.
4) Read the bug reporting documentation at
5) If your problem is not listed and you are using the latest version verify your addon settings.  Verify filters, profiles, etc.
6) You have found a bug that no one has reported before.  Create a new ticket at with a descriptive heading about the problem.  In the ticket make sure you include the error message that you received (just the error message, I don't need a listing of the addons you use), the recipe/profession you were working with, and any other info that you think may help.
When posting a bug report, do NOT include all of the addons from swatter.  This just makes it difficult to read.  If you want a good error reporting mod, get BugSack.  Do not post errors/missing recipes in the comments, or send them to me via a PM.  Post them as a ticket which I can address and track easily.

REPUTATION_DESC Recipes obtained from reputation vendors should be included in the scan.


RESET_DESC Reset All Filters to default values.

RESET_WINDOW_DESC Resets the ARL GUI to default position.

Reset Window Position


RETIRED_DESC Include recipes which can no longer be acquired.

Ribbly's Crony

Rift Keeper

Rift Lord




Risen Inquisitor

Risen Sorcerer

Robby Flay

Rock Moss