adds a tsmgroup( ) function to allow you to use your TradeSkillMaster groups in an ArkInventory rule

requires TradeSkillMaster 2.5.7 or higher


    tsmgroup( ) = in any group
    tsmgroup( "test" ) = is in a group named test
    tsmgroup( "test1", "test2" ) = is in a group named either test1 or test2
    tsmgroup( "test->*" ) = is in a group named test or any of its subgroups
    tsmgroup( "test->sub1" ) = is in a group named test->sub1


in TSM, items from sub groups are displayed as members of the parent group.  the rule function is coded so that you can search for an item both ways, either exact matching the group name, or by adding the wildcard character (asterisk) to the end of the argument to check all sub groups as well (you would use the wildcard to match what you see displayed in TSM).

when doing a wildcard query be careful where you place the wildcard character.  eg "test*" will match a group name of test, but also test1 and test2, plus all their sub groups.  if you only want to check a specific parent group and all its sub groups you need to add the group separator tag -> to the end of the group name, and then the wildcard character.  eg "test->*"

after adding/renaming/moving/deleting a group, or adding/removing an item to/from a group you will need to refresh the ArkInventory window to pick up those changes


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Mar 18, 2014
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Jun 25, 2015
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