Aiue's Quest Tracker

This project is experimental.

This project is only experimental and may change drastically between now and when it comes out of experimental status. It may even be disapproved once that happens, worst-case.

Be forewarned before downloading anything from this project.


Currently a work in progress. Since I will be learning Lua, the WoW API and the WowAce framework while working on this project, my code might undergo structural changes during the early development stages.

So, what is Aiue's Quest Tracker, then? Well, as the name implies, it is a quest tracker. This is a replacement of the default built-in quest tracker.

But what will make this quest tracker different from all the other quest trackers out there? Well, personally none of the currently functioning quest trackers are quite what I want them to be. With that in mind, I intend to attempt to create a versatile quest tracker. Below are some examples of what is being planned, or already nearing completion.

Planned features

  • Modular. Don't want certain features? Disable the module and save up some resources.
  • Create your own customizable frames, deciding which modules to show and in what order.
  • Achievement tracker module!
  • Objectives tracker module.
  • Support for quest timers and remote quests.
  • Scrollable!
  • Quest progression/completion sounds and custom output.
  • Automatic enabling/disabling of modules on certain events (joining a raidgroup, battleground, arena, etc..)
  • ...more?

Also, translators will be wanted for this. Currently a lot of the strings may be subject to change, though. But if you are interested in eventually providing translations for this addon, do poke me.

Update 2013-11-13: Currently a bit sidetracked, poking together a library the addon will wish to include. Work on the project will resume soon, however, and an early alpha should be available soon™.

Update 2014-07-16: Project currently on ice, given that WoD will release soon™ and bring with it all kinds of changes.

Update 2014-10-17: I have returned to the drawing board. Which means that work will resume soon. Without the trademark this time!

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Oct 20, 2013
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