Angry Raid Points

This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to handle bidding out items in a DKP-like system. The addon itself is run by the master looter and anyone else (typically officers) who will be handling bids on items. Addon comm and chat (bidding) messages are tied to the guild and raid lines, so it's assumed all bid handlers are in the guild and raid (no need to be in the actual raid instance, though). The addon is intended to automate the actual bidding process, and doesn't get involved in other aspects of the guild's points system (points are exported nightly to and then re-imported the next day from EQDKP). An optional (but strongly recommended) client interface can be used by bidders: Angry Raid Points Client.

Bidding style used (with default configuration) is:

  • Only the people belonging to the highest priority group can bid, group priority is: Member mainspec > Member offspec > Trial mainspec > Trial offspec. If all members of a higher priority group pass, then the next-highest priority group can begin bidding.
  • For mainspecs, the minimum bid is 10, for offspecs, the minimum bid is 1.
  • Bidding is one round, from whoever currently has the least points to whoever has the most.
  • Normally, all bids must be at least 1 point above the previous bid. However, bidders with less than the minimum can bid the minimum, but any bidder who has less than the minimum points can always be outbid by later bidder(s) if they also simply bid the minimum.
  • Bidders who have the same current points will have their bidding order determined randomly.

Interfacing with the addon happens through the "/arp" command:

  • /arp toggle - toggles the main GUI window of the addon (this is also bindable in the game's key bindings).
  • /arp channel, /arp bid, /arp lastcall, /arp reminder - these are the console equivalents of buttons inside the GUI (see below for info).
  • /arp remove [player] - this allows you to remove a player from your bidding list, before bidding begins (players can also remove themselves by sending a tell).
  • /arp adjust [player] [points] - this allows you to adjust the current points of a player, when/if needed. Only usable by the master looter.
  • /arp points - displays a list of the current points of all known players (alphabetical order)
  • /arp reset - this resets the current bid you're handling, cancelling it and making yourself available for a new one (console command only, not in GUI).
  • /arp reload - this clears the current loot assignment window, resets all bid handlers' current bid, and will re-load loot from the current (or next) corpse/chest opened. Only usable by the master looter.
  • /arp scale [scale] - this sets the UI scale of the ARP windows (/arp alone will show you your current scale).
  • /arp version - performs an ARP version check for everyone in the guild, displaying what version they're running.

Points management: In the Loot Assignment section of the GUI window, which only the master looter can bring up, there are a few items at the bottom right. One is the current "age" of the points data, in hours. If the current data is 15 hours or older, the master looter must either use the "Import EQDKP" button to import new data, or use the "Refresh Current" button to refresh the timestamp on the existing points data, and continue using it. Typically, you would refresh if EQDKP hasn't been updated since the previous night's raid, otherwise you would import the data from EQDKP. The format on the imported data is a line containing "BEGIN", followed by lines containing player names and point values, then "END". As items are won during the raid, players' points will be updated appropriately. Any manual adjustments needed can be done with the "/arp adjust" command.

Bid assigning: after a boss is killed, the master looter will open up the corpse (or chest), which will load in the items from that kill into the addon. Next, bring up the main window and loot assignment window (push the button to toggle it, you must be master looter). In the loot assignment window, you'll have the opportunity to assign each epic item present on the corpse to a particular bid handler (the bid handlers available will be detected via addon com, and limited to people in the raid). The name of the person handling each item will appear next to it as the items are assigned. Each person running the addon can be handling a bid for one item at a time. If a bid handler cancels his bid (via "/arp reset", reloading his UI, etc) his item must be manually unassigned (using the "Unassign" button) and then re-assigned. Any items remaining on the item list will be purged when you open the next new corpse/chest.

Bid handling: after a person running the addon is assigned to handle the bid for an item, the addon will instruct players to send a tell to the bid handler indicating that they want to bid. The only valid words to include in this tell are: "bidding" or "bid", "main" or "ms", "offspec" or "os", and "remove". If they say "bidding" or "bid" without specifying a spec, they'll be bidding main spec. Spec can only be specified once. If they are sending a "remove" tell (to remove themselves from the bidding list), the word "remove" must not be preceded or followed by anything else. The bid handler should push the "Last Call" button (or use "/arp lastcall") at some point to issue a "last call" warning and inform everyone of the current bidders list. Later, the bid handler will push the "Start Bid" button (or use "/arp bid") to begin the bidding process. As the addon will inform players, bids must be sent in tells to the bid handler, and then will be announced on the configured com channel, along with the next bidder(s), etc. A valid bid is either a number, +x (where x is the amount you want to increase the previous bid by), or "pass". The bid handler can use the "Reminder" button (or use "/arp reminder") to remind the next bidder to put in his bid. After the last bid is in, the winner will be announced and the item/winner/cost information will be added to the "Loot Log" section of the main window. Note: in the main window, or via "/arp channel", the bid handler can configure which com line he uses for his bid status messages (raid and guild are the two options).

After bidding/loot: After all items have been bid out, the master looter can then assign items to players based on the information in the Loot Log. The "Copy" button can be used to get a copy'able version of the log (which only contains purchased items, the DE'ed items are stripped out) so you can paste it into something outside WoW to save. Afterwards, the "Clear" button may be used to clear the accumulated Loot Log. The Loot Log itself does get saved across logins, so if you forget to copy the data out, it should be there in not only your own Loot Log, but also the Loot Log of every other bid handler who was in the raid.


Date created
Feb 26, 2013
Last updated
Dec 13, 2014