Aboutis will skip the gossip page and select the standard action when interacting with an NPC. Ex. "Let me browse your goods" for a vendor.

If you want the full gossip window, just hold the SHIFT key when interacting with the NPC.


The idea for Aboutis comes from an AddOn named AutoSelect by Vincent that I was using and that stop working ages ago.

Standard Disclaimer

I hold no responsibility if something breaks, smokes start coming off you computer or if there is a flood in your village. I'm also not responsible if your brain turn into oatmeal after looking at my code but comments are welcome.

What it does exactly

When interacting with a NCP that display a gossip window, it will:

  • Select the first completed quest (yellow ?) for turn in if there is one
  • Automatically complete the quest if there is only one or no choice of reward
  • Select the active quest (!) if there is only one
  • Automatically accept daily quests After testing, I decided to remove this.
  • Automatically select Training or Vendor if present

If you press SHIFT while interacting with an NPC, it does nothing.

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Date created
Jul 21, 2012
Last updated
Jul 28, 2012