Mob Kill Count

Sep 02, 2014 Beta
Shows number of kills mobs of same kind in unit tooltip window
boss menu

BigWigs Bossmods

Sep 02, 2014 Release
Introduction Big Wigs is a boss encounter add-on. It consists of many individual encounter scripts, or boss modules; mini add-ons that are designed to trigger alert messages, timer bars, sounds, and so forth, for one specific raid encounter. These encounter scripts are activated when you target or mouse over a raid boss, or if any other Big Wigs user in your raid does. In most cases only one module will be running at any given time. If you're looking for boss encounter scripts for 5-man...


Sep 02, 2014 Alpha
This addon makes it very easy to collect rare battle pets. It creates a button with which you can perform all actions to find and catch battle pets. All actions can be performed with one key. Assuming you have bound a key to PetFarmer in the key bindings. Features Targeting nearby battle pets Starting pet battles Forfeiting pet battles Killing unwanted battle pets Preparation Key bindings First you should bind a key in the key bindings of PetFarmer to this action button. Options Let the max....