Send mail panel


Jan 20, 2016 Release
Purpose Are you having an hard time remembering which of your toon should receive herbs (but only a certain type), while another one need ore but also pelts? And pet charm.. where am I storing them? Functions Mail Commander allows you to define a per character list of needs which wil be displayed when you open the sendmail panel allowing you to send all requested items or just some of them. You can make this selection permament, disabling some kind of items, or just cherry pick each time You...


Jan 20, 2016 Release
Aardvark *** New lists, scaling and a complimentary action bar! *** Aardvark is a farming / bag management addon that will auto allow you to auto repair, sell and destroy each time you visit a vendor. Aardvark Repair will auto repair when you visit a vendor that can repair. You can choose to repair using your own gold or guild funds, (if you are guild repair enabled). Aardvark Sell will sell items you have added to your sell lists. You can choose to add sell items to a character specific sell...

Dynamic Pull Timer

Jan 20, 2016 Inactive
Dynamic Pull Timer Suspended until some unknown time World of Warcraft addon for automatic dynamic pull timer based on exorsus raid tools. REQUIRED: This addon requires exorsus raid tools (DPT uses help from ExRT to know what specs are currently in the raid). This addon automatically decides on a pre pull preparation time based on specs in the raid, and then calls "/ert pull x", where x is set to the highest preparation time for all specs in the raid. I.e., if there are affliction warlocks in...
Options V1

Spell Thief

Jan 20, 2016 Release
Provides a small frame showing what spells the Mage can steal Originally called SpellSteal, but modified and updated for today
Warehousing @ Guild Bank


Jan 19, 2016 Release
This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon. Whether you're a new user or long time TSM veteran, please check out our website for more information about the TradeSkillMaster addon suite: See how you can't comment on this page? Don't give up! Check out our wiki page for information on how to get help with TradeSkillMaster or provide feedback! Warehousing has one major function:...
illustrative image

Flash Taskbar

Jan 19, 2016 Release
This addon makes the wow icon on windows task bar flash/blink (like the picture below) when WoW window ins't in focus (the window is minimized or you have another window in focus such like internet browser) and some events happen in the game. If you like this addon, don't forget to click on the Like Button at top right corner, right over there ^, if you like enough to make a donation, there is a button on the right side as well, there >>>, but remember the best way to support this addon is...
Main Window

Hansgar And Franzok Assist

Jan 19, 2016 Release
Shows a panel with 20 blocks representing the tracks. When the Smart Stampers phase starts, the panel is shown and start to track the position of your raid. The addon starts to paint the blocks whenever a player pass through a track. The block with a yellow border is the block which you are current in. Commands: /hansgar delay <delay>: is the amount of time the player can stand in the track before move, default value is 5. /hansgar test show hide: turns on the addon and start track the...
lfg inv alert img


Jan 19, 2016 Release
ENG Addon creates a loud "horn" sound when you receive an invitation to the dungeon through the LFG system, sound hearable even when game client is minimized or in background mode , from now on you will not miss your turn in the dungenon or LFR after waiting for 30 min =) works with LFR(Looking fo Raid); LFD (Looking for Dungenon); LFBG (Looking for BattleGround); RUS Аддон создает громкий звук "горна" по приглашении в подземелье через LFG систему, этот звук слышим даже при свернутом клиенте...

WyeSoft Zone Track

Jan 19, 2016 Release
WyeSoft Zone Track v1.03 (freeware World of Warcraft addon) ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Copyright © 2012-2016 WyeSoft. All rights reserved. ---------------------------------------------------- Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood --------------------------------------- Originally released 25 September 2012 This version released 19 January 2016 ------------------------------------- Current World of Warcraft...
Decliner logo


Jan 19, 2016 Release
automatically declines: duel requests pet-battle duel requests group invites guild invites guild petitions trade requests from players when: you haven't recently whispered them they aren't in your guild they aren't on your friends list they aren't a friend Decliner has spam control for its notifications and will not inform you if someone is repeatedly contacting you. It will also automatically forget players you whispered after some time so they don't bother you later. There is...
Compact Runes 1

Compact Runes

Jan 18, 2016 Release
Description Compact Runes is a re-write of DocsDebugRunes. It preserves the compact UI but adds additional features. Features It tracks the following items: Runes (shown horizontally or vertically) with an optional setting to show a numeric timer for each rune. Runic Power Diseases and time left. Necrotic Plague, if talented, replaces the standard disease bars. It displays the time left and stacks. Sudden Doom, Shadow Infusion, and Dark Transformation for Unholy Rime/Freezing Fog and Killing...
Buffy Screenshot


Jan 18, 2016 Release
Do you find yourself forgetting to rebuff when your class buffs expire? Or do you simply want a way to tell when someone in your party is missing certain buffs you could cast? Buffy comes to your aid and you'll never forget to buff again! Buffy tells you when a buff you can cast is missing on you or any of your party members. It looks through all the buff categories to determine which types are missing and gives recommendations accordingly. Buffy can also be configured to alert about missing...

Premade Group Filter

Jan 18, 2016 Release
Note : This addon isn't my own I just made a few patches for it and decided to upload them to curse for utilisability until they are approved or declined by the original author. Please leave a comment on the original addon page. Premade Filter What it is A tool to filter LFG search results. A way to forget about undesirable groups. A dialog where you can choose any criterias to search for a group you wish to join. A monitor that rescues you from clicking refresh button. Features Filtering Use...

Monk Stagger Damage Meter

Jan 18, 2016 Planning
Monk Stagger Damage HUD Provides Brewmaster Monk's with a HUD to see "Stagger" damage when they're in combat. Shows when shuffle(parry) is active, but only if you are staggering damage. Only loads if you're a Brewmaster Damage is displayed in three adjustable ranks if Stagger is present Rank 1 (Light Stagger) - Green, 1 bar, default starts at 0% of life Rank 2 (Medium Stagger) - Yellow, 2 bars, default starts at 6% of life Rank 3 (Heavy Stagger) - Red, 3 bars, default starts at 12% of life...


Jan 18, 2016 Release
Prettier, pixel-perfect nameplates with auras. Configurable through interface options (/knp or /kuinameplates). Known issues, among other things, are tracked here. If you're so inclined, please submit any bugs you find or ideas for enhancements to github. I try to answer all the questions I can, so feel free to ask in the comments below. You can use KuiSpellListConfig to customise the whitelist used by Kui_Nameplates_Auras. KuiNameplates Extras contains some extra modules for features which...

JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

Jan 18, 2016 Release
JSHB 4 - Now with multi-class support! All credit to _JS_ for creating a beloved add-on that has become so ingrained for many Hunters out there, unfortunately _JS_ has moved on from World of Warcraft and has been kind enough to allow me to continue with JSHB. There is a new forum for support of JSHB, please visit for bug reports, feature requests or just to say hi. Follow me on Twitter @KaelythWoW for updates about JSHB - Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar - Original...

Details!: Target Caller (plugin)

Jan 17, 2016 Release
This is a plugin for Details! addon, if you still doesn't have Details! installed, download through this link [[|click here]] or curse client. This plugin tracks your current target and show in the window who is doing damage to it. The amount of damage shown is the amount dealt since you selected the target. The goal of this plugin is tell for a Target Caller in a RBG or a Raid Leader in a raid who is targeting and damaging the right target.


Jan 17, 2016 Release
Gugagaia_addon will be as a teacher for the player of the Death Knight class, giving guidance on the skills of your character and alerting you about the actions of their opponents. The PvP player, either tank or DPS, if using Gugagaia_addon, will always be a winner, because he will always be warned when opponent is immunized. Your melee attack and his spell will not be wasted again. A good player become even better when he's playing with a team and because of that, the Gugagaia_addon will...
Raptor Hatchling

Adorable Hatchling Nests

Jan 17, 2016 Release
Description Places a pin on the World Map and Minimap for every Razormaw/Ravasaur/Leaping/Darting Hatchling nest's spawn location. How to Instal Instal this AddOn like any other AddOn. Use the installer provided by this website if you really must. Whenever updating or installing *any* AddOn you *must* quit WoW completely, relaunch, then enjoy! Details Players are able to collect several raptor style companions/pets. Four of these spawn from within nests. You do not need to kill anything. The...

MailTo Again

Jan 17, 2016 Release
This is actually a picked up great addon MailTo Next written by Jyin of Silverhand (copyright (c) 2005-2007), which was abandoned long time ago. Original addon was MailTo written by Vincent of Blackhand (copyright (c) 2005-2006 by D.A.Down). This addon is unique in many features that are absent in other addons. List of features: - it tracks your mail and reminds you if you have some mail that would expire soon - it adds a drop-down list of recipients to your send mail frame (you can add or...