Jan 23, 2015 Release
GridStatusRaidDebuff debuffs for Warlords of Draenor. This addon causes Grid to show the non-dispellable debuffs for Warlords of Draenor raid bosses (by default Grid only shows dispellable debuffs). Even with the new boss aura feature in Grid, this addon is more complete and prioritizes which debuff show up in the icon. Requires: GridStatusRaidDebuff2 Currently has the raid debuffs for: Blackrock Foundry Highmaul How do I get the Raid Debuff to show up in Grid as the Center Icon? Open Grid...


Jan 23, 2015 Release
This makes tags available through libDogTag that expose the Simple iLevel details for showing levels. Should work for any reasonably addressible target. See the in-game DogTag help, as usual, for details.


Jan 23, 2015 Release
The following addons are skinned: Addon Control Panel</lI> Advanced Trade Skill Window AdiBags Altoholic Archy ArchaeologyHelper ArkInventory AtlasLoot Auctionator Auctioneer Not Auctioneer Suite AuctionLite Bagnon Balance Power Tracker BG Defender BigBrother BigWigs BuyEmAll CLCProt CLCRet Clique Combustion Helper CoolLine CritLine Deadly Boss Mods with Half-Bar Skin (Offset Y needs to be 15+ in the DBM Options) Dresser EasyMail EnergyWatch Examiner Extended Vendor Factionizer FlightMap...

PetTracker Carbonite

Jan 23, 2015 Release
Overview Adds Carbonite support to PetTracker: Displays the locations of all pets, stables and tamers on the Carbonite map. Shows your progress of catching pets in the current zone on Carbonite quest tracker. Notes Currently, only the latest Carbonite beta version is supported! For errors and feature requests, please post a ticket. Visit me at

CoolLine Cooldowns

Jan 23, 2015 Release
CoolLine is a spell/item cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready. There is no bar timer and no text timer. CoolLine is inspired by Forte_Cooldown (a module in the ForteXorcist package). CoolLine is basically a stripped down and standalone version written from scratch. The name comes from putting "cooldown" and "timeline" together (yes, lame). YouTube Intro How to Use: Change settings - "/coolline" or check Interface Options -> AddOns...
WeakAuras2 Logo

WeakAuras 2

Jan 23, 2015 Release
WeakAuras 2 If you are coming from WeakAuras 1, just delete 1, install 2 and you are ready to go. All your auras will be there. You can do this manually or via Curse Client, please don't forget to untick the option to delete your settings though! WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows you to display highly customizable graphics on your screen to indicate buffs, debuffs, and a whole host of similar types of information. It was originally meant to be a lightweight...
Buttons Flashing


Jan 23, 2015 Release
This addon is able to make suggestions of what spell you may want to cast next by flashing on top of the spell buttons. Please see the FAQ before posting a question. * Please create a ticket for bugs and suggestions here. Please submit translations here. To open the SpellFlash options window, you may use the following slash commands: /spellflash or /sf Modules must be installed with this addon to receive any functionality! Please click on the "Like" buttons at the top right of this page. Also...

AtlasLoot Classes

Jan 23, 2015 Release
WoD update is finished (currently v2.0-beta13)! Note that the Beta versions of AtlasLoot_Classes are ONLY for AtlasLoot v8, which is currently in Beta. I will release a non-beta version once AtlasLoot does the same. Drop-in addon to AtlasLoot that provides the ability to see the spells from all classes and races. This creates a new "Classes" module with separate "Instances" for each class and another instance for racials. Each class has a "Boss" page for: Base abilities Abilities for each...
Screenshot 1


Jan 23, 2015 Release
This is a simple addon that adds a list of your friends that are currently online to the tooltip of the Friends Micro Button.


Jan 23, 2015 Beta
The only mod manager you will ever need. Click 'load profile', and TMA will load the checked, and only the checked, addons. Great for if you regularly raid or PvP/Arena. Directions: There is a new 'addon' button in* the game menu, that opens up the TooManyAddons interface. '/TMA' will also open up the interface. Create a profile by typing in the profile name and hitting enter, or you can use the Default profile. Select which addons you want to load as part of the profile. When it is time to...


Jan 22, 2015 Release
When you open the architect table in your garrison WorkWork will go through all the buildings and assign the follower which the game puts on top of the list. This can take 1-3 seconds, because the game won't let you assign too many followers at once. Once it's done it will tell you it 'Smacked all the peons', disable itself and only assign workers again when you reopen the architect table. Addon has 3 states: WorkWork: Upon opening the table assign followers to all buildings (where possible),...


Jan 22, 2015 Release
About Invite players where you message with a specific keyword. You can choose between two default Modules Basic and Advanced Basic You can add any number of keywords. All keywords share the same settings. Advanced Each keyword has his own settings. You can control who can use a keyword with blocking or allowing on: Name Name-Realm Guild Guild-Realm Realm Tag Usage Every time when you receive a message on a listing channel WhisperInvite will check for keywords in this message and...

Simple Rotation

Jan 22, 2015 Release
SimpleRotation allows you to build "macros" that can be bound to just one button and spammed or a few spread out to accommodate your particular needs. Click the minimap button to open the rotation list and editor. Or type /simplerotation to bring it up. After you save a macro, you can drag it from the list to your bars. This addon came out of the demise of the 0-castsequence macros that made it easier for people with disabilities to play. Using inspiration from GnomeSequencer I decided to...
Screenshot of Bid Selection

EPGP LootMaster - Frame Position

Jan 22, 2015 Release
EPGP LootMaster - Frame Position extends the original EPGP LootMaster addon by allowing the user to drag windows around and automatically save their location. EPGP windows will always reopen wherever you left them! Saves the position of your Bid Selection window. Saves the position of your Master Looter window (if you have the ML addon enabled). No configuration needed. /lmfp - Resets the window positions to the center.
ElvUI LocationLite

ElvUI LocationLite

Jan 22, 2015 Release
LocationLite for ElvUI is an alternative of LocationPlus, for those that don't need the info and the datatexts that Plus has, thus having a very small memory fingerprint. In addition, the Lite version keeps all the customization options plus a new layout.

ElvUI Location Plus

Jan 22, 2015 Release
ElvUI Location Plus Plugin for ElvUI, that adds player location, coords + 2 Datatexts. Also, the highly configurable tooltip, can show Continent, ZoneLevel, Raids, PvP areas, Dungeons in the zone, recommended zones and dungeons based on player level and many more. If you don't like all the tooltip info and the datatexts, get LocationLite from or Curse. Requires ElvUI 7+ installed. Get it here. Installation: Install as any addon Usage: Click to Toggle WorldMap ShiftClick to send your...
pet stance


Jan 22, 2015 Release
Adds a small stance frame above the pet action bar to quickly swap between hunter pet specs (ferocity/tenacity/cunning) while out of combat. Useful for easily switching to cunning for pvp and back to ferocity afterward.


Jan 22, 2015 Release
夏一可真人发音 输入 /GSA 选择语言为 Chinese 即可 需要 GSA 主体 This is GladiatorlosSA's plugin and based on GladiatorlosSA r420.04+, having this installed you can select Chinese Voice in voice config options by typing /gsa If anyone want to maintain this addon, plz email or PM me. github: git pull gitcafe(China mainland mirror): git pull 艾泽拉斯国家地理:
Glance Bar

Glance Information Bar

Jan 22, 2015 Release
News Glance v6.0.3.2 now available! Works with WoW Patch 6.0.3 Armor auto repair has been fixed! Profession data has been updated. Ideas I'm toying around with: adding strata level to the options panel, updating the XP module to include XP tracking for garrison personnel much like multiple reputation tracking.. About Glance Glance is a modular information bar with many modules provided by default. Glance has been built from the bottom up to allow developers to create their own data brokers....
Data Browser

Have We Met?

Jan 22, 2015 Release
Have you ever thought, I've played with this player before... maybe it was on an alt or maybe it was months ago. Do you want to know who you have grouped with? Yes, then this add-on is for you. Main Features Fully integrated into the unit tool tip (i.e. show up when you point at another player) Provides summary text, indicating how often you have grouped with a player. e.g. “Have We Met? Once or Twice” Shows the time since you last grouped with a player. Shows the names and types of the last...