Apr 02, 2014 Release
Interrupt Manager A very simple addon that will let you set up interrupt rotations within a raid or a party. Will also announce when you use an interrupt for general use (can be disabled). Usage: /im Simply fill in the names of the interrupters in the order you want them. If you do not have use for 5 interrupters, leave the boxes as they are or empty. More than 5 interrupts per rotation should never be needed. Click the numbered icons to the left of the editboxes to fill in the name of your...


Apr 01, 2014 Release
Description MogIt is an in-game catalogue of transmogrification items with the aim of helping players build their own sets! Plugins Check out these plugins to expand your MogIt collection! Armorkinis - For those who like to show a little more skin Armory - Transmog sets from thousands of randomly selected players Sets - Item sets from dungeons, raiding and PvP Roleplay - Adds roleplay items to the MogIt database Mounts - Mounts Companions - Companion pets Pets - Hunter pets Feedback Got some...
gfxMastery 1


Apr 01, 2014 Beta
This addon has no in-game settings at the moment. I am currently only interested in assuring the core functionality is correct. When you enter an instance(dungeon) that is for a PVE group, Raid or PVP group this addon will set almost all graphics settings to the "low" settings. When you are again in the "normal" world your settings will go back to their ultra settings. There is a small arrow currently anchored to the side of the minimap title bar. It points up and is colored red when the...


Apr 01, 2014 Beta
ElkFactions is the next step of development for FuBar-FactionsFu. It provides a LDB feed for your currently tracked reputation featuring a tooltip that allows you to view all of your factions.


Apr 01, 2014 Release
You should install this module if you want to track achievements for: WotLK, Cataclysm expansions. Works ONLY with RaidAchievement addon.
Cataclysm heroics


Apr 01, 2014 Release
English: RaidAchievement (RA addon) What it does: Reports in chat (or with sound) when group or raid achievement that you can't track is failed or when all criteria of the achievement are fullfiled and you need to kill boss.* Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or target the boss. Need to install AchievementsReminder Manual selection of achievements (by location) available. Need to install AchievementsReminder Shows tactics. Need to install AchievementsReminder...
Omnotron options


Apr 01, 2014 Release
English: How to help: . PhoenixStyle is a WoW addon that tracks many fails, and other useful and interesting information on boss fights and has some interesting thing for raid leaders. Just install it and check /ps - "All saved info" after your raid to understand what it tracks... you will like it ;) /ps or /phoenix - open menu (announce are enabled by default, you need promote for this, it has antispam function, only 1 addon will report it to the same chat) ....
Configuration panel

Class Colors

Apr 01, 2014 Release
Class Colors lets you change class colors without breaking parts of the Blizzard UI. Die Klassenfarben ändern, ohne die Blizzard-UI zu zerbrechen. Cambiar los colores de clase sin romper la interfaz de usario de Blizzard. Modifier les couleurs de classe sans casser l'interface Blizzard. Modificare i colori di classe senza rompere l'interfaccia utente Blizzard. Mudar as cores de classes sem quebrar a interface do usuário da Blizzard. It is supported by many popular addons, and also applies...
SmartBag Settings Window


Apr 01, 2014 Release
SmartBag! SmarBag is an addon meant to help you keep your inventory organized. It does this by automatically moving items into bags for you. What it moves and where it moves it to is up to you. After downloading the addon once you login for the first time you'll see the SmartBag configuration screen. Simply pick what bag you'd like your gear sorted into and wether or not you'd like to automatically sell useless grey items when you open a vendor. That's it! You don't have to think about moving...


Apr 01, 2014 Planning
Experimental test addon creating a dance button interface


Apr 01, 2014 Release
An armorkini module for MogIt. This collection of bikini-like and skimpy looking outfits is based on this thread, which was written by Lull of Misha (US). A big thanks to her for all the hard work she has put into the list (and for giving me permission to use it in this addon). Requires MogIt v3.3


Apr 01, 2014 Release
MogIt_Roleplay is a plugin for MogIt that adds most of the roleplay items that were excluded from the base modules (because they cannot be used for transmogrification). Requires MogIt v3.3


Mar 31, 2014 Release
NOTE: Feral Speak is now officially named Wan-Wan! (Bow-Wow!). I have tried to make it a little better. Hopefully, it is. Important!: Please read the description or the accompanying Readme text file before posting. The answers you seek may already be provided. That being said, I do not mind answering any questions. I only ask that you read the Readme file just to try to avoid redundancy. Thanks! (Jump to the bottom for the slash commands, or keep reading.) Hello, everyone! Thank you for...
Pvp bars

Deadly Boss Mods - PvP Mods

Mar 31, 2014 Mature
Description: This mod will adds support for PvP battlegrounds and arena to Deadly Boss Mods (DBM). Features: Helpful warnings and timers for Battlegrounds Fully configurable through DBM-GUI Requirements: Requires Deadly Boss Mods Support: Notes: This used to be part of the main DBM download but was separated do to frequent request that pvp mods were sort of "forced" in DBM-Core previously and could not be disabled without manual deletion. Now this package is an...

Toxyna's I Interrupted That

Mar 31, 2014 Release
What it does Toxyna's I Interrupted This tells you or other people, when your character has successfully interrupted a cast of your target. With Toxyna's I Interrupted This you can announce successfully interrupted spells or ablilities of mobs or enemy players in different manners: as an emote as a text just for yourself automtically in the raid or battleground channel, in the party channel or to yourself if you are alone forced to your party even if you are in bigger groups as /say as /say...

Ion: Menu Bar

Mar 31, 2014 Beta
Ion: Menu Bar is a menu bar replacement that works within the Ion UI framework.

Ion: Status Bars

Mar 31, 2014 Beta
Ion: Status Bars that work with the Ion UI framework. This addon provides various status bar type objects including cast bars, xp bars, rep bars and mirror bars.


Mar 31, 2014 Beta
Vortex lets you view all of your characters' possessions at any time in a user interface similar to the default. The base addon handles actual items only, including equipped items, backpack, bank, void storage, mailbox and auction house. It uses the DataStore suite of libraries to store all the information. If you install Vortex using the Curse Client, the required DataStore addons gets installed automatically, otherwise you will need to manually install the latest alpha version of each...


Mar 31, 2014 Alpha
Library for creating some commonly used objects. local Libra = LibStub("Libra") Libra:NewAddon("addonName"[, addonTable) Table with module and event handling functions. local addon = Libra:NewAddon("addonName"[, addonTable) Libra:EmbedWidgets(target) Embeds all widget creation functionality on the target table, allowing you to directly create widgets. local MyAddon = Libra:NewAddon("MyAddon") Libra:EmbedWidgets(MyAddon) local dropdown = MyAddon:CreateDropdown("Menu")...


Mar 31, 2014 Release
Description ShuckIt is a data broker that will display and allow you to easily open items, like clams, in your inventory that contains other items. Also display items that start quest and allow you to easily start those quests. Each time to click on ShuckIt, it will open the next openable item in your bags no matter what it is or where it is. Acknowledgement The ShuckIt idea came from the Shuck module from Cork by Tekkub. The code to find the openable items is based on Ammo's work in CrowBar...