Jun 15, 2016 Release
Picks up all items and gold from your inbox.
Main Window Default Skin


Jun 14, 2016 Release
Description: Is an AddOn for deep combat analysis, relying with a bunch of bundled plugins, it's capable to give all the information you need on few clicks. It also is easy to use with a clean and dynamic interface: left click: open the details window, or, open the report window depending on what's being shown. shift + left click: report only that line. right click: open the bookmark panel - select what you want to see. shift + right click: open a panel for segments shortcut. ctrl + right...
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Flash Taskbar

Jun 14, 2016 Release
This addon makes the wow icon on windows task bar flash/blink (like the picture below) when WoW window ins't in focus (the window is minimized or you have another window in focus such like internet browser) and some events happen in the game. If you like this addon, don't forget to click on the Like Button at top right corner, right over there ^, if you like enough to make a donation, there is a button on the right side as well, there >>>, but remember the best way to support this addon is...
Main Window

Auto Seller

Jun 14, 2016 Release
This addon is a improvement for quality of life and it can sell to a vendor your gray, green, blue items also can sell soulbound and low level epic items. Everything configurable. Main Screen: To open it, click on the "A.S." button at a vendor window, if you target a merchant npc standing on the Salvage Yard it also auto open. Sell Green Equipment: when enabled, sells green armor and weapons respecting the item level threshold set by you. Sell Blue Equipment: when enabled, sells blue items...


Jun 14, 2016 Release
WhoChallengedMe Shows the challengers class in the duel popup notification window. Specifically made for Swifty of Darkspear ( *NOTICE* This addon uses the /who functionality to gather the player data. There is an internal cooldown (server side) on this functionality (possibly 5 seconds) and as such won't be able to retrieve the player data needed. So expect constant duel notifications won't ALWAYS display challengers information. Now supports cross realm characters and...

Skada DPSplusHPS

Jun 14, 2016 Release
A module for Skada that tracks a sum of damage and healing done. This composite benchmark is intended as a convenience for Discipline Priests (in Legion), or for any other player who will be doing both healing and damage and may want a single metric to track output.
Minimap icon


Jun 14, 2016 Release
Use "/cc help", or "/cookychat help" to access the help for chat commands Both /cc and /cookychat work for the following commands: /cc on/off to turn the addon on or off, or just /cc to toggle between them /cc minimap on/off to turn the minimap icon on or off, or just /cc minimap to toggle between them /cc semi on/off to turn semi-off mode on or off, or just /cc semi to toggle between them /cc open to open the gui /cc help to print out the possible commands into chat Set custom triggers and...
QuestTranslator on work


Jun 13, 2016 Release
QuestTranslator displays the translated text for the quest direct into original quest frame or in a separate window. He works next to the window QuestLog, as well as during conversations with NPCs. QuestTranslator was inspired by addon QuestJapanizer? (Version: 0.5.8, author: lalha), which displays the translated text into Japanese in QuestLog quests. QuestTranslator extends its functionality by displaying text quests in any (previously prepared) language translation of the text and displays...
Different Looks.

Masque: Stylo

Jun 13, 2016 Release
Masque: Stylo Update Added Demon Hunter class color. Slightly modified Hunter class color to be more accurate. Updated TOC file. Updated for 6.2.0 and beyond Masque: Stylo is now functioning once again right out of the box. Make sure to follow the directions so the buttons function as intended. Updated for 5.0.4 and MoP Big overhaul: Added all class colors and labeled by class. Includes all class colors and a bonus skin that has no border. Notes [Change Masque settings as follows] [Gloss...


Jun 13, 2016 Release
oUF ArtifactPower Description oUF ArtifactPower is an element plug-in for the unitframe framework oUF. It requires a oUF layout that supports it. Features Shows the artifact power for the currently equipped artifact weapon as a status bar. Optionally shows a tooltip when hovered, containing the name of the currently equipped artifact as well as the unspent, current and remaining power until the next trait can be purchased. The tooltip also tells how many traits are purchasable with the...

New Openables

Jun 13, 2016 Release
Add-on scan bags for items to use, open, learn etc. When find new proper item it create click-able button like action bars. If there is more than one item only one of them is placed on button, when button is clicked then another item is placed on button etc. Button then can be clicked again to use that another item. Take it as some sort of alert "Hey you have new stuff to use!". This is now extended to "Quest Items" it could complement click-able button in "Quest watch frame" with two...
Another Clean Curves layout


Jun 13, 2016 Release
IceHUD is a highly configurable and customizable HUD addon in the spirit of DHUD, MetaHUD, and others designed to keep your focus in the center of the screen where your character is. What it is Player and target health and mana bars, casting and mirror bars, pet health and mana bars, druid mana bar in forms, extensive target info, ToT display, and much more Short feature list Lots of different bar shapes and patterns to make the HUD look like you want Class-specific modules such as combo...


Jun 13, 2016 Release
Open things that can be opened, like clams or barrels of fish. Should support every openable looted thing I've run across, including seasonal bribes. Note that it can't actually open the things for you; you still have to click on them. ClamStacker just makes it really obvious when you get something that can be opened and simplifies the opening process. There are configuration settings now. You can specify if the window should stack multiple openable items horizontally or vertically, you can...
Available Missions

Master Plan

Jun 12, 2016 Release
Master Plan modifies the Garrison Missions UI, making it easier to figure out what you want to do. It can both suggest and complete parties to maximize mission rewards; see below for details. Bug reports and feature suggestions should be submitted using the ticket tracker. For some frequently-posted comments, see the FAQ page. Some highlights: The available missions list fits more missions on screen, shows you the mission's threats, and some suggested groups and their expected results,...

Overwatch Health Sounds

Jun 12, 2016 Planning
Overwatch Health Sounds A World of Warcraft addon that plays an Overwatch character's "I need healing" sound when low on health How to use /ohs List Current Settings /ohs Change Health Threshold /ohs threshold 30 The sound will only play once the player falls below 30% health Change Voice Line Frequency /ohs frequency 5 The voice line will only play once every 5 seconds (to help prevent spam) Change Voice Line /ohs voice Torbjörn Torbjörn's voice will play when on low-health Available voice...

TomTom Crazy Arrow Hide

Jun 12, 2016 Release
Hides while in combat. This is a simple addon that automatically hides the TomTom "Crazy-Taxi" arrow when you enter combat and show once combat has ended. Usage: /KCAH | /CAH [on/off/mnton/mntoff/show/hide/#/defaults/help] Options On/off to enable or disable automatic hiding. Show/hide to manually show or hide the Crazy Arrow. Mnton/mntoff to enable or disable arrow hiding when mounted. # (a number in seconds) to set the delay out of combat to show the Crazy Arrow. Default to reset settings....
Auction House Scan


Jun 11, 2016 Release
Never scan the auction house again! This addon is part of the TradeSkillMaster suite. It will not work by itself! You must download the main TradeSkillMaster addon. Whether you're a new user or long time TSM veteran, please check out our website for more information about the TradeSkillMaster addon suite: See how you can't comment on this page? Don't give up! Check out our wiki page for information on how to get help with TradeSkillMaster or provide feedback!
Main Display


Jun 11, 2016 Release
A combined Friends List and Guild display. Written in response to SocialState falling into disrepair due to its author no longer playing WoW. Features Separate sections for WoW friends (both in-game and RealID), Guild members, BattleNet friends in games, and BattleNet friends not in games. Sections are sortable, with indication for which column is being sorted on and whether it's sorted in ascending or descending order. Collapsable tooltip sections. Right-click context menus on RealID or Toon...
Sorted down


Jun 11, 2016 Release
This addon simply sort your group upwards or downwards . If you chose: Down: You are on top on your group. Party 1-4 are sorted downwards after you Up: You are on bottom on your group. Party 1-4 are sorted upwards after you You are also able to select your preferred Raid Profile which you want to sort. The other RaidProfiles will not be affected. The changes are from that point always active. Note: If you are currently in a group and you change any option in this addon you have to reload your...

Loot-a-Rang Matic

Jun 11, 2016 Release
This addon uses ranged looting spells when you double right click in the game world. Loot-a-Rang for Engineers Findle's Loot-A-Rang for Non-Engineers Fetch Glyph for Hunters. Loot-a-Rang Matic will not use your Loot-a-Rang or Fetch when you are in a dig-site or have a fishing pole equipped unless you are hovering over a loot able corpse. Also do to Blizzard restrictions Loot-a-Rang Matic can not function while in combat or while moving.