New Openables button original

New Openables

Dec 20, 2014 Release
No need anymore check bags and look for items. You will get created button to click on to combine/open/use items in your bags. Button can have assigned hot-key to be able use keyboard shortcut. As you use items it will continue to scan bags and change to next usable item in your inventory. Addon take care if you have enough items to combine if not then item is not assigned to button. If there is no usable item known by addon it will hide button. Supported items: All items used with standard...
NoDuel accept


Dec 19, 2014 Release
Ready for WoD Feel free to report any issues in the comments. Please do not report LUA errors from other add ons Please do not report curse-client errors Please do not report any WoD Patch problems. I can not help you with these problems. I do not work for Blizzard. If you use this Addon with a 5.4 client version you'll have a lot of problems Manual Install If the curse client does not do its job: download and unzip the latest version copy the unzipped folders (the folders, not the files in...
Mission list

Nephilist: Garrison

Dec 19, 2014 Release
Nephilist: Garrison improves how the garrison interface displays important information. Mission list shows enemy threats and which you can currently counter In-progress mission list sorted by time remaining Mission list shows follower slots, reward XP, reward iLevel Follower list shows counters even when working or on mission Follower list shows time remaining on mission Follower list shows XP gain if assigned to mission Click enemy threats to search for followers who can counter it Click...
Guild Filter


Dec 17, 2014 Release
Niggle - noun a small complaint or criticism Overview This AddOn addresses a range of small complaints with the standard World of Warcraft User Interface (UI). It is divided into these main areas: UI Enhancements Search & Filtering Auto Loot Warnings & Logs Professions Raids Calendar Events Mounts Pets Locator Most of the features are configurable via the 'AddOns' tab of the 'Interface' panel. If you don't wish to use a feature, you can easily disable it via that interface. Quick access to...


Dec 15, 2014 Release
Tanking health bar (only visible in tank specs during combat) Features: - Adjustable Resolve and Stagger indicators - Absorb bar - Health drop amount effect - Class color or custom Console commands: /nhe unlock /nhe lock /nhe staggerlimit <10-100> /nhe resolvelimit <20-500>


Dec 14, 2014 Mature
Features Offers a choice of five popular keyboards Offers a choice of three action bar sizes Switches actions on form/stance changes if desired Hides the numpad or labels if desired Locks all action bars during combat Prevents shift-dragging actions out of numpad buttons during combat Prevents dragging numpad off screen Saves settings individually for each character Displays detailed instructions in a scrollable tooltip Compatible with OmniCC, a ui mod that displays cooldowns on buttons...
Night with Light


Dec 12, 2014 Release
Once upon a time, the night in Azeroth was dark, and it felt like a night. Torches enlightened your way and the cities offered shadowy corners. But then, the night got reduced and the feeling of a real night vanished. To get back this feeling of night, NightIllusion tries to imitate the shadow of the Azerothian night by adding a more or less transparent layer. The night starts and ends at a setable time and the darkness increases with dawn and decreases with dusk. When you are entering a...


Dec 11, 2014 Release
nUI HUD PvP flag Add-on Note to use this mod you must have nUI installed! Tired of looking down at the Unit Frame with a new Target to see the NPC you are about to fight is flagged as PvP? With the nUI HUD PvP add-on you can see the Targets PvP status directly on the HUD. I find it frustrating when I am approaching an NPC and only discover that it is a PvP character after I get flagged. Half of the time this happens with the excellent nUI interface because the PvP flag isn't easy to see...


Dec 10, 2014 Release
Rotational timer addon for all classes. - Timers are customizable for each spell - Supports groups, priorities and is able to normalize selected timers duration and hence bring them to a common speed - Multitarget, works with combat log - Works with cooldowns, totems, internal cooldowns, castbar timers. - Support for dot/gcd ticks, Pandemic and similar WoD dot mechanic - Nameplate timers (supports TinyPlates, by default only for warlock and priest) - Good default config for most classes. WoD...
ncb 5.0


Dec 10, 2014 Release
Class resource tracking: Combo points for Rogues and Druids. Holy Power for Paladins Chi for Monks Shards, Burning Embers, Demonic Fury for Warlocks Shadow Orbs, Evangelism for Priests Meatcleaver for Warriors Arcane Charges for Mages. Maelstrom Weapon, Fulmination charges for Shamans Starsurge, Pulverize Lacerate for Druids Shadow Infusion, Blood Charges for DK. Frenzy for Hunters Striped Skin Makina Skin <- Cataclysm skin My other combat addons: NugRunning - Spell timers NugEnergy -...
nUI HUD Level

nUI HUD Level

Dec 10, 2014 Release
nUI HUD Level Add-on Note to use this mod you must have nUI installed! Tired of looking down at the Unit Frame with a new Target to see the level of the NPC you are about to fight? With nUI HUD Level add-on you can see the Targets level right there on the HUD. Keep your focus in the fight.
Stagger Bar Full

Northern Ale

Dec 09, 2014 Release
This add-on simply displays HUD elements that let you know if you have Shuffle and / or Tiger Power Active to assist with Brewmaster Monk Tanks. The Shuffle bar slowly ticks away as Shuffle runs out to assist with knowing how to spend your chi. Commands: ------------------- /na hide /na show Hides / Shows all active Northern Ale features /na staghide /na stagshow Hides / Shows the Shuffle Bar /na tigerpowerhide /na tigerpowershow Hides / Shows the Tiger Power indicator - You can also use '/na...
NeonChat colored chatframe

NeonChat v3.2

Nov 29, 2014 Release
NeonChat does a simple thing: It colors the chat+editbox border+background to match the active chat you are about to write. Now it's easier to notice if you are about to talk into a wrong chat! Prettiness rules OK!


Nov 25, 2014 Release
This is a highly customizable nameplate addon, it can : ---------- 0.Change default nameplate ---------- 1.Using customizable style to show (include but not limited to): ->health text ->mana/range/energy etc. ->buff and debuff ->cooldown ->target ->casting ->cooldown timer ->crowdcontrol timer ->crowdcontrol diminishing return ->spell lock timer ->quest mark ->moving speed ->combo points ->various customizable texture (border, background etc.) ---------- 2.Based on unit type and special...
Action Highlighting


Nov 17, 2014 Release
Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation. We are looking for developers to help with rotations and features. Send soulwhip a PM if interested. 6.0 Rotations priority by request: DK: Frost in progress Monk: Windwalker Druid: Balance Rogue: Combat Hunter: Survival Paladin: Ret Mage: Frost DK: Blood 6.0 Rotations complete (Let me know if a complete rotation is broke and I can fix it quickly): Warlock: Destruction Warrior: Protection Hunter: Beast...

Norreth Eclipse

Nov 16, 2014 Planning
Preview of an addon for balance druids, visualizing the sine waves of the balance rotation, one wave for the lunar bonus and once for the solar bonus. Note: if you don't have the euphoria talent, you need to manually uncheck "Euphoria" in the options pane. See this video for more information:


Nov 15, 2014 Release
Block guild solicitations in whispers and public chat channels. Messages that look like guild recruitment spam are blocked from General, Trade, and whispers. There are no notifications to you or the sender, no dependencies on other addons, and no options to fiddle with. It just works. It will automatically disable itself while you are unguilded and have disabled the "Decline guild invitations" option in the default UI, since presumably this means you are interested in guild invitations....


Nov 12, 2014 Release
When you create a new character, or log into a long-inactive character, the game randomly assigns your character a title. This addon promps you to remove it -- no Blizz, my new bank alt is not a Hand of A’dal! Nothing complicated, just a little fix for a minor annoyance. I’ve been using it for a while and figured some other altoholics may also find it useful. Feedback Post a ticket on GitHub Post a comment on WoWInterface Post a thread on WoWAce If you are reporting a bug, please make sure...

No Scrolling Healing or Damage

Nov 11, 2014 Release
Removes the player's own +healing and -damage numbers from the default scrolling combat text while leaving everything else selectable through the default interface. Since these numbers also appear on the default player frame it's redundant to display it twice.


Nov 11, 2014 Release
NephHealth shows a warning when your health is low (< 33%). It makes the edges of your screen red and plays the raid warning sound.