Niggles: Pet Teams

Aug 27, 2015 Release
Niggle - noun a small complaint or criticism Overview Niggles: Pet Teams is (currently) a standalone AddOn that adds the ability to create an unlimited number of Battle Pet Teams. Once created, the pet teams can be edited, loaded and exported. The list of pet teams is displayed as part of the standard Blizzard Pet Journal. Pet Teams You can create as many pet teams as you like, useful given that the number of pet tamers is now well over 100. A pet team consists of the following: Name This can...
No Combat Text logo

No Combat Text

Aug 23, 2015 Release
Toggles the event text over the player and pet frames. e.g. damage, healing, energy gains, Miss, Dodge, Parry, etc. Type /nocombattext or /nct to show the settings page and toggle the events. All events disabled by default. Settings are remembered per character. Remember, this is for the player and pet frames, not the scrolling text. Feel free to post bugs and issues in the comments below or use the curseforge ticket system.

New Openables

Aug 14, 2015 Release
Add-on scan bags for items to use, open, learn etc. When find new proper item it create click-able button like action bars. If there is more than one item only one of them is placed on button, when button is clicked then another item is placed on button etc. Button then can be clicked again to use that another item. Take it as some sort of alert "Hey you have new stuff to use!". This is now extended to "Quest Items" it could complement click-able button in "Quest watch frame" with two...
Show a cast

Nanashi's CC and DR Tracker

Aug 07, 2015 Planning
This addon will show if the enemies in arena are doing cc casts. In addition it will show the dr of the casts dr group on your teammates and yourself. So you can see easy if the cc is worth interrupting or you can just sit it. A other feature is, that it will show when you can, for example, holy fire a sheep as a disci priest. You can configure what the threshold for self damage for breakable cc is, the position and size. Also what cc groups you want to be alerted for.
ncb 5.0


Aug 02, 2015 Release
Class resource tracking: Combo points for Rogues and Druids. Holy Power for Paladins Chi for Monks Shards, Burning Embers, Demonic Fury for Warlocks Shadow Orbs, Evangelism for Priests Meatcleaver for Warriors Arcane Charges for Mages. Maelstrom Weapon, Fulmination charges for Shamans Starsurge, Pulverize Lacerate for Druids Shadow Infusion, Blood Charges for DK. Frenzy for Hunters Striped Skin Makina Skin <- Cataclysm skin My other combat addons: NugRunning - Spell timers NugEnergy -...


Aug 01, 2015 Release
This is a highly customizable nameplate addon, it can : ---------- 0.Change default nameplate ---------- 1.Using customizable style to show (include but not limited to): ->health text ->mana/range/energy etc. ->buff and debuff ->cooldown ->target ->casting ->cooldown timer ->crowdcontrol timer ->crowdcontrol diminishing return ->spell lock timer ->quest mark ->moving speed ->combo points ->various customizable texture (border, background etc.) ---------- 2.Based on unit type and special...

nUI InfoPanel Professions

Jul 19, 2015 Release
nUI InfoPanel for Professions Shows all professions in a 7 columns by 3 rows grid within a InfoPanel that nUI docks to bottom right side of UI Available professions to current logged in character are lit up and are clickable to get the associated skill pane up, or for Cooking Fire, Fishing, Survey, Skinning, and Pick Lock, it will either cast associated spell or change pointer to use Skinning or Pick Lock ability. Requires nUI Lite 5 or nUI+ 5 v6.0.02 or newer


Jul 18, 2015 Release
Stops the chat text from fading out. That's all. I made this simple thing for my purpose and for use with the new Goldpaw's Chat I think it works with the standard chat too (untested) (ps: sorry for my english, not my native language)
nRange with distance

nRange (Teleport range checker)

Jul 13, 2015 Release
Nuggs Teleport Range Checking for 'locks and Monks What is it This will notify you whether you're in range or out of range of Demonic Circle or Transcendence. If your spell is on cooldown, it'll show that along with a timer on how much time is left on the cooldown. It'll also display the yards/meters you're away from your spirit or portal as well as place an icon on the minimap where your portal/spirit is. [Warlocks] It doesn't matter how far away you get from your portal, it'll stay active...
Neutral AH Zone Scanner-V1.0 Main Window

Neutral AH Zone Scanner

Jul 12, 2015 Inactive
Neutral AH Zone Scanner Introduction Pretty much wanted a quick way to check who is around the current neutral Zones because if they are level 1, its a good chance they are sniping which would make it a bad time to send items across factions. Also on the consortium forum someone wanted a quick way to check the neutral AH's which i stepped up to the challenge. Use Simply type /nahzs(Need a better thing to type) and it will open the window for the addon. Click on a tab of the zone you wanted to...
Example - Main


Jul 04, 2015 Release
This AddOn will show you selected cooldowns of an enemies above their nameplates. NameplateCooldowns does not contain a single piece of code from Icicle, but was inspired by it. Compatible with Tidy Plates, PlateBuffs. Configuration Type /nc in game chat to open settings window. All spells are active for tracking by default! You can switch them off in the settings window. Questions, bugs and comments Please use ticket system to report bugs and post your comments. You may also send me a PM...
annoying flash effect


Jul 01, 2015 Release
a very simple addon that disables all flashing effects on chat tabs

Node Flash

Jun 29, 2015 Release
NodeFlash is a small addon that will flash any herb, mining and fishing nodes that appear on the minimap. NodeFlash turns off while you are not tracking anything, on a taxi flight, in combat, or resting in an inn or city. This is to stop any fps slowdowns that may occur. Settings are per character and done from the command line using /nfl or /nodeflash with the options being on - turn the flashing on (default) off - turn the flashing off small - make the nodes the normal size on the minimap...


Jun 29, 2015 Release
NoGlow sets the CVar "ffxGlow" to 0 to disable the full-screen bloom/glow and brings back the color while walking back to your body (Death Effect). NoGlow is simple to set up. All you have to do is enable it in the add-on manager and you should be good to go! This is a temporary fix until Blizzard give us our "Fullscreen Glow" check box back. Issue with S.E.L.F.I.E Camera MkII toy filters - A side effect from setting ffxGlow to 0 may disable the new S.E.L.F.I.E Camera MkII toy filters. Copy...


Jun 28, 2015 Release
Changes several of the popup dialogs to not close when hitting the Escape key. Idea and initial implementation unashamedly stolen from Dridzt's posting here: There is no configuration as yet.


Jun 25, 2015 Release
With the map closed this addon provides a small window in the bottom right that gives your present heading, position, and pitch. Heading is in 360 degrees with north = 0, east = 90, south = 180, and west = 270 Position is given to one decimal point accuracy Pitch is for swimming or flying and says if you are moving in an up angle when positive or down angle when negative or level when Zero. When the map is open, The heading and position change value as follows. If your mouse is on the map...

Nameplate xHide

Jun 25, 2015 Release
Intro Hides the name plate in the abandoned fight but it shows again when you enter. Nothing else!


Jun 25, 2015 Release
Intro ncShadow is a simple addon that does one thing: Adding a shadowed border to the UI window. Nothing more, nothing less! Memory usage is nihil, the file is so big because of the high-res texture. Credits to Ferous for her texture! Usage Install and go! Use the /shadow # command where # is a number 0-100 to set the level of shadow in percentages. /shadow 100 sets the maximum shadow, /shadow 0 hides the shadow and /shadow 50 is half the shadow. See the pictures in the sidebar. That's all,...
NeedToKnow in use


Jun 25, 2015 Release
NeedToKnow lets you monitor specific buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, and totems as timer bars that always appear in a consistent place on your screen. Note that 4.0 is a pretty big update. I recommend backing up your WTF folder before upgrading just in case there's a problem! NeedToKnow is especially useful for monitoring frequently used buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. For example, a rogue could configure NeedToKnow to show timer bars for Slice and Dice, Rupture, and their own stack of Deadly...
nUI Warlock

nUI: Warlock Dashboard Skin

Jun 25, 2015 Release
This optional plugin modifies the default nUI dashboard and replaces it with a black and purple dashboard with a Warlock feel. This file is a Addon for nUI by spiel2001. You must have that installed before this Addon will work. Visit the official nUI forums: -- nUI relies on your donations for its survival and continued development. To make a donation to support nUI, please visit… To use this skin: 1. Exit WoW 2. Download and install the...