Ayr Scan Panel


Apr 20, 2014 Release
Are You Ready Simple Personal Checks for; Raid and Combat. Onscreen messages informing you of items you need to know about before you start raiding or click "yes" to a ready check. Formerly Known As: Upys Raid Tools - Personal Edition While able to run independantly is designed to work hand in hand with Upys Raid Tools and provide personal tools to assist you with raiding. Current Features Ready Check Automatic self check when a ready check is called in a raid. Will check you have; +90 stam...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
AdiButtonAuras Display auras, and more, on action buttons. AdiButtonAuras is a rewrite of Inline Aura, but with different design decisions based on my experience on the latter. AdiButtonAuras uses a set of rules that apply to one or more spells. Each rule can track an aura on one or more unit and changes the display of the spell accordingly. Options Global options do not flash actions on cooldown (do not affect Blizzard flash), do not flash actions out of combat (do not affect Blizzard...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
In short All armory information as (once) seen on the official site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realms Enables the use of a compact character frame Detailed profession information of all your characters PVP information, including arena teams Searchable inventory, including bags, bank, mailbox and auctioned items Quest logs and spell books of all your characters Friends, ignores and events of all your characters Share quests, recipes and character...


Apr 19, 2014 Release
The following addons are skinned: Addon Control Panel</lI> Advanced Trade Skill Window AdiBags Altoholic Archy ArchaeologyHelper ArkInventory AtlasLoot Auctionator Auctioneer Not Auctioneer Suite AuctionLite Bagnon Balance Power Tracker BG Defender BigBrother BigWigs BuyEmAll CLCProt CLCRet Clique Combustion Helper CoolLine CritLine Deadly Boss Mods with Half-Bar Skin (Offset Y needs to be 15+ in the DBM Options) Dresser EasyMail EnergyWatch Examiner Extended Vendor Factionizer FlightMap...


Apr 18, 2014 Release
AutoRole AutoRole sets your role based on your current specialization automatically any time you join a group or raid and updates it any time you change specializations. Main Page The main page for AutoRole on Curse. Development Page The development page for AutoRole on CurseForge. Addon Usage No user interaction is required for the addon to function. Type /ar role to see your current role.
ARP Window

Angry Raid Points

Apr 16, 2014 Release
This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to handle bidding out items in a DKP-like system. The addon itself is run by the master looter and anyone else (typically officers) who will be handling bids on items. Addon comm and chat (bidding) messages are tied to the guild and raid lines, so it's assumed all bid handlers are in the guild and raid (no need to be in the actual raid instance, though). The addon is intended to automate the actual bidding process, and doesn't get...
ARL Main Scan

Ackis Recipe List

Apr 13, 2014 Release
What it does Ackis Recipe List is an addon which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes. It works for all tradeskills including Runeforging. French (frFR) Ackis Recipe List est un addon qui analyse vos métiers et fournit des informations sur la façon d'obtenir les recettes manquantes. Il fonctionne pour tous les métiers, y compris Runeforge. German (deDE) Ackis Recipelist ist ein AddOn, das deine Berufe durchsucht und dir mitteilt, wo du fehlende Rezepte...


Apr 10, 2014 Inactive
Plays the A-Team soundtrack when someone in your Party/Raid casts "Army of the Dead". Commands: /ateam enable: Activate auto play /ateam disable: Deactivate auto play -------------------------- Spielt den A-Team Soundtrack, wenn ein Todesritter in der Gruppe/Raid "Armee der Toten" zaubert. Befehle: /ateam enable: Automatisches Abspielen aktivieren /ateam disable: Automatisches Abspielen deaktivieren

AAV - atrox Arena Viewer

Apr 10, 2014 Release
AAV is an arena replay addon, that lets you record or even broadcast arena matches. These arena matches can be viewed within WoW, while doing your daily quests, raids or just idling in Dalaran. It's optimized to run in very good-performance. If you ever wanted to analyze your arena matches, why you died on that particular time on that particular match against that particular game and what skill could have been used, then AAV is a gem for you! Or if you want to follow your guildmates while...
Adapt in action

Adapt: Almost-Default Animated Portraits

Apr 10, 2014 Release
This addon animates the unit frames of (nearly) any UI. When the UI goes to draw a static portrait, this addon instead draws an animated model to the dimensions of the intended portrait. Adapt is meant to be configuration-free (especially if you use the default unit frames), but there are some options you can change in its Interface Options Panel. __ New in 2.0.11 __ - New 'Torso portrait' model option __ FAQ __ Q: Will it work with my custom unit frames? A: If your existing unit frames are...
Angry Assignments

Angry Assignments

Apr 02, 2014 Release
This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to handle assignments during raids. It provides a convenient way to store and share assignments for different bosses, allows editing by multiple people, and is able to display the information to raiders in a configurable format. Using AA as a raider First, you'll want to configure a keybinding for the "Toggle Display" function, so you can easily show/hide the on-screen assignments display during raids. It should appear under the section...
Warcraft Quiz

Adventures of Aiden Hall - TriviaBot plugin - 3150 Warcraft questions

Mar 30, 2014 Release
This is a plugin for TriviaBot! You're gonna have to download that first. When you have TriviaBot, click "Download Now" and copy the folder [TriviaBot_AidenHall] into your AddOns folder. Next time you open TriviaBot's in-game menu, "Adventures of Aiden Hall" can be found in the drop-down menu like all the other plugins. I made 3150 questions based on the Warcraft story, WoW facts and a few random Blizzard questions for the sake of randomness. The plugins that were previously uploaded were...
ArenaLive [Spectator] in action.

ArenaLive [Spectator]

Mar 28, 2014 Beta
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Addon was completely recoded and is now known under the label "ArenaLive [Spectator]". It is recommended to delete any old version called "ArenaLive" before updating to this new version. General The use of this addon is to enable people to organise WoW-Arena Tournaments in an easy manner and it tries to bring some kind of spectator mode into World of Warcraft. Help localising the addon: If you want to help making the addon available in your mother tongue, then take a look...

Achieve Machine

Mar 28, 2014 Beta
This is an addon for those people who do not want to miss any achievements their friends or guildmates earn, but do not want to have an automatically gratz sent out for it. Instead, it records every achievement message you receive and lists them so you can see who got what achievement and congratulate them however you see fit. Commands All text commands start with "/amach" show: Shows the list of recorded achievements. hide: Hides the list of recorded achievements. Features Sorting Underwork....
Arcira v1.00


Mar 27, 2014 Release
This add-on provides a better and prettier display for Arcane Charges. It will show more useful things as soon as someone who actually plays an arcane mage tells me what to add.
Safari Hat

Auto Safari Hat

Mar 24, 2014 Release
Auto Safari Hat automatically equips your Safari Hat and/or Guild Tabard when fighting wild pets or battling Pet Tamers. Additionally, it automatically accepts quests, starts battles, and completes quests when you right-click on a Pet Tamer. Features Automatically equip Safari Hat for Wild Pet Battles Optionally, automatically equip Guild Tabard for Wild Pet Battles (for Guild rep) Automatically battle tamers if you have their quest AND equip the Safari Hat/Guild Tabard Automatically pick up...


Mar 22, 2014 Release
adds a tsmgroup( ) function to allow you to use your TradeSkillMaster groups in an ArkInventory rule requires TradeSkillMaster 2.5.7 or higher examples; tsmgroup( ) = in any group tsmgroup( "test" ) = is in a group named test tsmgroup( "test1", "test2" ) = is in a group named either test1 or test2 tsmgroup( "test->*" ) = is in a group named test or any of its subgroups tsmgroup( "test->sub1" ) = is in a group named test->sub1 notes; in TSM, items from sub groups are displayed as members of...


Mar 19, 2014 Release
the FAQ is here the wiki is here to see how you need to setup sorting go here to see how to setup rules go here please ensure you have read those before you lodge a ticket at when posting a comment about an error do not include the...
Shopping List


Mar 19, 2014 Release
What does this mod do? You can import your optmizations from Mr. Robot right into our mod. It gives you a list of the gems, enchants and reforges you need to make, as well as consolidating anything you need to buy into the shopping list. Watch a demo video. This also grabs you bag and bank data to power Mr. Robot's "Best in Bag" feature. To use the mod: 1. Load your character into Click optimize. 2. Click the 'export to addon' button found just above your stats...

Advanced Event Trace

Mar 15, 2014 Beta
This addon provides GUI shortcuts and additional functionality to Blizzard's EventTraceFrame (/etrace). Current features: GUI elements for toggling event capture and clearing captured events. Allows you to increase the number of entries stored before they start disappearing. Persistent event blacklist and whitelist functionality improving on the remove buttons' default functionality. Hooks feature allows you to display function and script calls in ETF with the stack trace in the tooltip.