Jul 01, 2016 Release
AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use. Does not use up action slots. You can create your own categories of items, dragging items from bags, or spells from spell books into it. You can make custom Buttons that contain 1 or more Custom or Built in categories. You can create custom Bars to organize your Buttons to suit your interface needs. WoW has thousands of items you may obtain. AutoBar...
Atlas Transportation

Atlas Transportation

Jul 01, 2016 Release
About Atlas Transportation This is an Atlas plug-in that display transportation' maps. You can browse the transportation nodes in each of the continent. In the past this plug-in was built-in with Atlas' core release. And right now we are splitting it out to be an individual addon so that you can decide whether to download it or not. Before Installing Note that in order to make this addon to work properly, you will still need to have a latest Atlas downloaded and installed. Our Web Site...
Atlas v1.20.0 - Firelands


Jul 01, 2016 Release
Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser Copyright 2005 ~ 2010 - Dan Gilbert Copyright 2010 - Lothaer, Atlas Team Copyright 2011 ~ 2016 - Arith, Atlas Team About Atlas Atlas is an addon for World of Warcraft that includes detailed maps for every instance in the game. Originally, Blizzard neglected to include maps for instances. However, after a number of years Blizzard began to include official maps for some instances. These official maps are in the same hand-drawn style as the...


Jul 01, 2016 Release
Simple Gratzer, says customizable message(default:"Gratzzz") on an achievement earnt by another player. Usage: /ag - Show options/configuration Example Usage: /ag You are the best! - Sets the AutoGratz message to "You are the best!" /ag guild - Toggles guild gratzing on and off Release notes: 2.0.0 Added UI New Guild Member Welcoming Added option to specify wait time between gratz messages Made /ag options and /ag open the UI Added guild welcome message config 1.9.1 Fixed debug output in chat...
ARB v1.x

Archimonde Raid Buttons (ARB)

Jun 30, 2016 Release
Archimonde Raid Buttons (ARB) v1.3 Simple raid buttons for tanks. The buttons announce special instructions to the raid when clicked. - Taunt - announces to and whispers the other tank to taunt (usable oustside Arch fight) - Stack - announces to the raid to stack on the tanks - Spread - announces to the raid to spread out - Chains - announces to the raid to break their chains (Arch specific) - Tanks - sets raid icons on you and your focus (usable anytime) - Add management - instructs the...


Jun 30, 2016 Release
the FAQ is here the wiki is here to see how you need to setup sorting go here to see how to setup rules go here please ensure you have read those before you lodge a ticket at when posting a comment about an error...
main screen

AllTradeForwarder 4.0

Jun 30, 2016 Release
6/29/2016 ---I HAVE RE-ENABLED COMMENTS--- PLEASE KEEP COMMENTS ABOUT "UGLINESS" OF ANY CODE TO A MINIMAL UNTIL THE LEGION VERSION IS RELEASED. ---BIG CHANGES ARE COMING I HAVE REWRITTEN ALMOST ALL CODE--- I have finally reworked this addon. Releasing version 4.0 for Warlords of Draenor. Legion version is near completion with major changes. I am releasing a final... somewhat anyways, stable version for Warlords of Draenor. It is not fully functional anymore compared to the way it worked when...

Auto Confirm Static Popups

Jun 29, 2016 Release
Are you tired to answering certain static popups by clicking "yes" button every-time you buy item for token or you leaving instance group? This add-on automatically click on "yes" and dismiss static pop-ups like buy items for token, sell items to refund tokens, leave instance party etc. These static pop-ups can be configured for auto-answering (pick&click "yes" button) some "danger" are disabled by default, enable them on your own risk. Supported pop-ups: CONFIRM_FOLLOWER_UPGRADE enabled by...
On-screen notification

Advanced XP Bar

Jun 28, 2016 Release
Official repository can be found at GitHub. Have you ever wondered if you have completed enough quests to level up? Wonder no more! This addon notifies you when you have enough completed quests to level up. Your experience bar will show a green color indicating the amount of experience you have waiting for you once you deliver your completed quests. You will also be notified with sound and a banner on top of your screen!
Accountant Classic v2.6

Accountant Classic

Jun 28, 2016 Release
Summary Accountant Classic is a basic tool to track your monetary incoming and outgoings within WoW. It logs per-session and running totals of how much money you have spent and earned from vendors / loot / quests etc... Cross-server is supported. You can have the same player name in different realms. The money information will be saved for each realm. History This ''Accountant Classic'' is base on the original version written by ''Sabaki'' and modified by ''Shadow'' and ''Rophy''. Shadow and...


Jun 27, 2016 Release
/aar gui You can then choose to remove griphon and/or bar's arts
Atlas Scenarios - The Secrets of Ragefire

Atlas Scenarios

Jun 27, 2016 Release
About Atlas Scenarios This is an Atlas plug-in that display Scenarios' maps. Before Installing Note that in order to make this addon to work properly, you will still need to have a latest Atlas downloaded and installed. Our Web Site [] Author Team Arith - Project Manager Dynaletik - Co-author Deadca7 - Artist License Atlas is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Localization We are looking for volunteers to help on translating Atlas. Many of our...

Amphitheater Mute

Jun 26, 2016 Release
If you are sick of hearing the spectators at the Amphitheater of Anguish constantly cheering while you are trying to defeat your enemies, then this is the addon for you. Upon entering the Amphitheater, it mutes all sound effects; it will unmute them when you leave. Quick, easy and hassle-free. No user input is required, as it runs quietly in the background. If you have any sugggestions, please use the ticket tracker instead of leaving a comment.
Basic Options


Jun 26, 2016 Beta
Restores access to removed interface options in Legion and ads a CVar browser for settings galore. We are currently covering simple options for the following: Player Title Guild Names (currently bugged at Blizzard's end) Guild Titles Stop Auto Attack Attack on Assist Auto Self Cast Cast action keybinds on key down Fade Map when Moving Remove Chat Hover Delay Secure Ability Toggle Display Lua Errors Open Loot Window at Mouse No Debuff Filter on Target Reverse Cleanup Bags Quest sorting mode...


Jun 25, 2016 Release
About AHShowBid AHShowBid is an auction house addon that shows if someone has bid on an auction. If there is a bidder, a yellow "(bid)" text will be added at the end of the item's name being auctioned. As far as I know it works fine with any other auction house addon. How you can help Like it and add it to your favorites on Spread the word. Tell your friends about it. Translations: Bug reporting, either as a comment or a...

Auracle (De)Buff Monitor

Jun 20, 2016 Release
Auracle provides compact & customizable filtering, monitoring and grouping of buffs and debuffs. Overview Auracle's capabilities are organized roughly into "trackers", "windows" and "styles". The most important of these is the "tracker", each of which can monitor a list of multiple auras (either buffs or debuffs, but not both at the same time). When any of those (de)buffs are found, the tracker lights up (or changes visually in any number of other interesting and configurable ways). A...
ACP - Collapse

Addon Control Panel

Jun 19, 2016 Release
Stop logging out of the game just to change your addons! ACP adds the "Addons" button to the game's main menu (The one you get when you hit ESC). It allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the blizzard addon manager. ACP will help you deal with the "Clutter" that multi-part addons and libraries introduce by displaying your addons in logical arrangements. ACP has many features to make your addon list easy to manage, help you with missing libraries,...


Jun 18, 2016 Planning
The AddonTCC was created in a graduate job for College of Technology in Internet systems, Fatec Jales, to illustrate the operation of the Lua language in the game World of Warcraft. Translates basic phrases in Brazilian Portuguese into English, facilitating communication and interaction between players who do not speak English.
Example from version 2.0

AFK Fullscreen Warning

Jun 17, 2016 Release
Description This addon can warn you if you character is AFK. Fullscreen blinking orange like blizzards low health warning It can hide the UI on AFK The info panel displaying the time since AFK and something more The info panel look is changable (skin support) Hizuro's other projects On CurseForge:
Main Window

Auto Seller

Jun 14, 2016 Release
This addon is a improvement for quality of life and it can sell to a vendor your gray, green, blue items also can sell soulbound and low level epic items. Everything configurable. Main Screen: To open it, click on the "A.S." button at a vendor window, if you target a merchant npc standing on the Salvage Yard it also auto open. Sell Green Equipment: when enabled, sells green armor and weapons respecting the item level threshold set by you. Sell Blue Equipment: when enabled, sells blue items...