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Am I locked out?

Jul 01, 2015 Release
Little addon which saves me quite some time with all my twinks. What it does Rembers which of your chars are saved to which instance. Weekly raid quest (Dalaran quest) [Will updated once there are Cataclysm versions] Every Instance that gives you a SavedInstanceID is trackable! 7x Daily Heroic per week (number represents the amount left on the character) Daily PVP, Tol'Barad Victory 5man heroics (Option to show 5mans in the tooltip is OFF by default) Updates on login and every time you get...
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Jun 30, 2015 Release
This addon is a simple auto junk seller addon. It displays how much gold is made from selling all the grey items in your inventory. No slash command needed, just as soon as you open the vendor, it sells grey items.
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Jun 30, 2015 Release
Rearrangement of the pet battle interface. How to move it: Open Annene.lua with a texteditor and change the x and y values to your preferences. Recommended pet battle addons: PetTracker Rematch

Aiue's Luck Point Handling Addon

Jun 30, 2015 Alpha
ALPHA - Aiue's Luck Point Handling Addon Summary An old idea in a new incarnation. ALPHA is an addon for loot distribution within a guild setting. The core idea is fairly simple - attending raids give you points, these points are then added to your /roll when you are rolling for a to be master looted item. Points are stored in officer notes, so the master looter will need to be able to write to those to utilize the full functionality of the addon. It is also recommended that everyone is able...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
the FAQ is here the wiki is here to see how you need to setup sorting go here to see how to setup rules go here please ensure you have read those before you lodge a ticket at when posting a comment about an error do...


Jun 30, 2015 Release
Automatically rolls on and equips loot according to stat weights like WoWhead filters. AutoGear rolls "need" on upgrades and "greed" otherwise. AutoGear also interacts with quest NPCs, automatically accepting and completing quests, including deciding the best quest reward. If no item is deemed to be an upgrade, the most valuable item is chosen. Set your stat weights in the code (for now), then AutoGear will roll need on better loot and equip it for you. Stat weights work like the advanced...
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Jun 30, 2015 Release
Mod Updated Oct 14, 12:01 AM PST) Made the following changes: Updated to work with new file structure Removed reforging Auto-gemming is NOT available. It will be back with Warlords (we haven't had time to extensively test it, and don't want to accidentally delete gems) The export used for Best in Bags is now in the 'export' tab Use the "Load a Gear Set" tab to import optimizations or Best in Bags. This is where Best in Bags is now viewed! Updated the importing & exporting in case there are...
Design in version 3.1.12b

ArenaLive [Spectator]

Jun 29, 2015 Beta
General ArenaLive [Spectator] is a fully functional spectator interface for World of Warcraft arena wargames. It enables you to queue two teams against eachother in a spectated wargame. Simply write /alspec to open the War Game Menu and begin. Help localising the addon: If you want to help making the addon available in your language, take a look at the localisation page on curseforge and at the localisation page of ArenaLive's base library. How to use the Addon Requirements: Two groups of...
ArenaLive UnitFrames full frameset in arena

ArenaLive [UnitFrames]

Jun 29, 2015 Beta
General ArenaLive [UnitFrames] is an unit frame addon that is based on the ArenaLive Spectator UI. Apart from raid boss frames, all necessary frames are included. You found a Bug or want to suggest a New Feature? That's great! In order to make it easier to track all bugs and new feature requests, please use the ticket system on curseforge instead of the comments below. Help localising the addon: If you want to help making the addon available in your mother tongue, then take a look at the...

ArenaLive [Core]

Jun 29, 2015 Beta
General ArenaLive [Core] is the base library for all ArenaLive addons. You normally do not have to download this, as it is already included in every ArenaLive addon. Help localising the addon: For all other ArenaLive addons to be completely localised in a language, it is also needed to localise the library. You can help by having a look at the localisation page


Jun 29, 2015 Mature
Plays the A-Team soundtrack when someone in your Party/Raid casts "Army of the Dead". Commands: /ateam enable: Activate auto play /ateam disable: Deactivate auto play -------------------------- Spielt den A-Team Soundtrack, wenn ein Todesritter in der Gruppe/Raid "Armee der Toten" zaubert. Befehle: /ateam enable: Automatisches Abspielen aktivieren /ateam disable: Automatisches Abspielen deaktivieren
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Jun 29, 2015 Release
AuctionMaster: Sell items in auction house and search for bargain Create your own auctions easily, while seeing the auctions of your competitors. Search for cheap items and save your searches. Sell auctions with several pricing models Mass buy auctions from configurable item lists Scan the complete auction house in seconds Be reminded about wanted items See auction statistics in item tooltips See disenchant info and search for items with high disenchant values Mass cancel your own auctions...


Jun 28, 2015 Release
AdiButtonAuras Display auras, and more, on action buttons. AdiButtonAuras is a rewrite of Inline Aura, but with different design decisions based on my experience with the latter. AdiButtonAuras uses a set of rules that apply to one or more spells. Each rule can track an aura on one or more units and change the display of the spell accordingly. AdiButtonAuras has several custom rules to suggest using spells at meaningful times. By default, these suggestions are displayed using a rotary,...


Jun 28, 2015 Mature
Allows easy creation of AceGUI EditBox widgets supporting autocompletion. They can be used as custom controls in AceConfig table entries as well, via the 'dialogControl' field (see AceConfig docs for more on the dialogControl option). Example mock-up (see the .lua file for explanations and additional notes): local AceGUI = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0") local Completing = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0-Completing-EditBox") Completing:Register ("ExampleGroupMembers", AUTOCOMPLETE_LIST_TEMPLATES.IN_GROUP)...
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Arbitrary Commands

Jun 28, 2015 Release
Arbitrary Commands provides a popup menu containing player-programmable scripts or slash commands. The menu can be shown by any LDB launcher; by default a minimap-pimple icon is used. The scripts are gathered in nested menus, arranged by the player. The scripts can be either slash commands or snippets of Lua code, just like a long '/script'. I kept finding myself wanting to run the same bits of /script over and over, but didn't want to use up a macro slot OR find a place to store the macro...


Jun 28, 2015 Mature
This is a variant of AceGUI-3.0's Frame container, with some changes: The read-only status text bar at the bottom is replaced with an edit box for input. Additional buttons can easily be added across the bottom, outside the control of the container/widget scheme. The ':EnableResize()' method of the (undocumented) Window container is also present here, but not (yet?) in Frame. Documentation of new methods and AceGUI-style callbacks are at the top of the .lua file. Comments, bugs, etc, should...
ARL Main Scan

Ackis Recipe List

Jun 28, 2015 Release
What it does Ackis Recipe List is an AddOn which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes. French (frFR) - Ackis Recipe List est un addon qui analyse vos métiers et fournit des informations sur la façon d'obtenir les recettes manquantes. German (deDE) - Ackis Recipelist ist ein AddOn, das deine Berufe durchsucht und dir mitteilt, wo du fehlende Rezepte bekommst. Korean (koKR) - Ackis Recipe List|1은;는; 당신의 전문 기술들을 훑어서 제조법들을 얻는 방법에 대한 정보를 제공할 애드온입니다. 룬 벼리기를...

Ackis Recipe List: Tailoring

Jun 27, 2015 Release
Contains all Tailoring recipes and associated data. Requires Ackis Recipe List to function. This module will load automatically when opening the Tailoring TradeSkill window. For issues, create a ticket here.

Ackis Recipe List: Leatherworking

Jun 27, 2015 Release
Contains all Leatherworking recipes and associated data. Requires Ackis Recipe List to function. This module will load automatically when opening the Leatherworking TradeSkill window. For issues, create a ticket here.

Ackis Recipe List: Jewelcrafting

Jun 27, 2015 Release
Contains all Jewelcrafting recipes and associated data. Requires Ackis Recipe List to function. This module will load automatically when opening the Jewelcrafting TradeSkill window. For issues, create a ticket here.