Minimap 2

Hunter Tracking Aid

Jul 11, 2015 Beta
Just target something to set the tracking of creatures of the same type on. Then target something else and the tracking will be switched to track creatures of that another type. Please review the translations, including the English one.

HUE BR Sounds

Sep 12, 2013 Planning
Simple addon to make a familiar sound to brazilian people when raid buff Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp or Ancient Histeria goes up.


Jun 25, 2016 Alpha
This is an experimental implementation of an idea by Tiberria of US-Turalyon for an addon which displays in realtime the current number of HoTs per target (see: In addtion it computes the average HoTs-per-target for a given combat segment upon conclusion of that combat cycle. Addon usage is simple - an empty bar is displayed at all times which shows the current active HoTs per target or...


Apr 14, 2010 Alpha
HoTorDoT shows timerbars for (de)buffs that you put on your current target. Currently has no configuration, the anchor can be requested and moved via the following piece of script: /script LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("HoTorDoT"):ShowAnchors()