Sep 01, 2014 Planning
PetFarmer makes it easy to collect rare battle pets. This addon creates a single action button, called PetFarmerButton, with which all actions can be performed, which are necessary to find and catch battle pets. Features Targeting a nearby battle pet Starting the pet battle Forfeiting the pet battle Killing an unwanted battle pet Preparation Key bindings First you should bind a key in the key bindings of PetFarmer to this action button. Options Let the max. search distance at the default by...
Pet Battle Lite Frame

Pet Battle Lite Frame

Sep 11, 2013 Release
Pet Battle Lite Frames displays party like unit frames for your currently active battle pets. Allows you to check the status of your current pets or even change their positions on the fly, so you never get caught with your pets wounded at the beginning of battles again. Click and drag the portrait icons to pickup and move the pets to a different slot, or drop off pets from your Pet Journal directly to replace the active pet in the respective slot.
Shows enemy pets and abilities

Pet Battle Tactician

Dec 17, 2012 Release
Shows frames for both your pets and your enemies pets, with abilities/cooldowns as well as tooltips to see exactly what everything does. Weak/Strong on attacks are shown based on the active pet. For example, if you have an Elemental pet out, then all of the enemy pets with Aquatic attacks will get a "Strong" indicator as those attacks do more damage to your pet. To be implemented is another frame which shows pet speeds/types vs all of yours to help you quickly make intelligent decisions about...